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Why are our recovery numbers so low?

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Emcont Wed 08-Apr-20 06:46:35

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ShastaBeast Wed 08-Apr-20 06:48:10

Because the illness lasts around 25 days.

Shitsgettingcrazy Wed 08-Apr-20 06:48:29

They just arent updated. I dont think its something g we officially report on.

Most people, if they receive medical treatment in hospital will go home to completely recover. No one official will check you are back to same level of health as you were before.

LynetteScavo Wed 08-Apr-20 06:48:42

Because we're only testing the most poorly? Many people who have the virus but recover are never tested.

Just my guess.

TriangleBingoBongo Wed 08-Apr-20 06:48:49

Because we only test those that end up in hospital. So it doesn’t include those that get it in our community and recover.

legalseagull Wed 08-Apr-20 06:49:48

Because we are only testing the absolute worst cases. People in ICU. We're not testing the mild cases out in the community where people recover within a few weeks. If we were testing everyone you would see much higher recovery rates

iVampire Wed 08-Apr-20 06:51:07

Yes agree with pp

if you get it badly (and because of lack of community testing, UK figures are essentially of those who have got it badly) it takes weeks before you are recovered.

And there can be a number of rallies and relapses before it’s fully gone.

Most people will get better, it just takes a long time for that to happen

Oakmaiden Wed 08-Apr-20 06:51:51

I think we only publish tests, cases and deaths regularly. The other data (serious cases/ recoveries etc) is only very occasionally made public, so is wildly out of date.

YinuCeatleAyru Wed 08-Apr-20 06:55:13

even pretty poorly people who almost certainly have it are not being tested. the people who actually get tested are extremely ill and very likely to die. there are huge numbers more cases than the official figures show, probably in the millions. most of whom will recover.

Shitsgettingcrazy Wed 08-Apr-20 06:57:27

That figure has been at 135 for at least 10 days. It doesnt mean people arent recovering.

TheCanterburyWhales Wed 08-Apr-20 07:28:42

Worldometer also had only 10 "seriously ill" people for about 8 days when more than that were dying in one specific London hospital.
It's the reporting of "recovered" which isn't updated, plus as others say, the UK only really started to be hit 2 weeks ago.

yearinyearout Wed 08-Apr-20 07:34:36

We aren't measuring it, I know at least ten people that have had the symptoms and recovered. Some after about ten days, some have lingered for longer.

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