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Still no smell?

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isitorisntit Tue 07-Apr-20 21:19:08

Hi, hope you're all doing OK.

Day 25 for me. I lost my sense of smell/taste day 9ish at the same time my breathing/oxygen levels got worse. I've had a course of antibiotics for possible bacterial lung infection (apparently common after COVID). I've not been tested but GP thinks COVID likely. (I've seen no medics, diagnosed over the phone).

My chest is still tight and feels like I might pop a lung if I breathe in too much. I'm told this is normal.

My sense of smell is still affected, though. I can get a waft of some odours but it's very fleeting and is gone very quickly, like my brain is triggered by a distant smell and it's gone again in an instant. Can't smell laundry, shampoo, cooking, soaps etc.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same and can offer reassurance that it will come back. It's adding to my anxiety.

Thank you.

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isitorisntit Tue 07-Apr-20 22:07:28

Is there really no hope for me?!

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wirelessprinter Mon 13-Apr-20 23:17:07

I’m on week 3 of no smell, like you I’ve had very very fleeting smells but when I smell something strong up close absolutely nothing. Has yours started to come back get? Spent 3 hours cooking a roast today and absolutely nothing!!

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