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Is DS high risk?

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astericia Tue 07-Apr-20 20:55:33

I need some guidance on those considered vulnerable relative to COVID-19 and what can be done about it.

DS is 17 and has ongoing, chronic respiratory issues which come under severe asthma but include bronchiolitis, pneumonia and frequent chest and sinus infections which require relatively frequent hospitalisation.

He has missed a substantial amount of college for these issues and is seen by a consultant in one of the specialist hospitals in London as well as a more local consultant, then for acute episodes the GP. He takes daily medications which he is completely reliant on and has proven to be VERY susceptible to infection, almost always ending up in hospital every time he gets a cold.

I would has presumed he was vulnerable, however we have received no official confirmation or advice from the GP or other consultants, have actually had no contact at all. Should we have had a letter/phone call as some people seem to?

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Holdingmybreath Tue 07-Apr-20 21:07:05

You can register yourself online.My mum found the link on her supermarket website.
She never had a letter or text but has now got shopping slots a week after she registered.
Best of luck.

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