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Has anybody tested positive for covid but had really mild symptoms

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ghostmous3 Tue 07-Apr-20 18:27:00

Please dont be nasty I'm just wondering if its possible.

I got sent home from work last thurs as I developed a cough that was persistent and I felt a bit off colour
I got home and went straight to bed and didnt get up 2 days as I felt so wiped out, went hot and cold, slight sore throat and headache and aches and pains.
It wasnt horrendous, I had a bit of brain fog but my experience is nothing to what people are describing and going through.
I didnt have chest pains but on sun when I got up for a bit I did feel a bit breathless and went bed.
I've also lost all my sense of taste and smell but I dont have a cold. I still dont feel right and I dont have a lot of energy.
I'm obviously self isolating along with my family but my work are insisting I wasnt ill enough for it to be corona and I need to end my self isolation 2 days early and come back to work as they are short staffed.

Are they right?

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ghostmous3 Tue 07-Apr-20 18:27:37

Oh and weve had a couple of confirmed cases at work too

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Undies1990 Tue 07-Apr-20 18:30:21

Your work is being v v unreasonable. The government guidelines are clear - you should self isolate for 7 days.

Sounds like you have had it and shouldn't go back to work until 7 days have passed, or longer if you are still not feeling better.

Some of these employers are absolute idiots!

Hope you feel better soon

ComtesseDeSpair Tue 07-Apr-20 18:30:27

Not in the UK, but friends in Germany who were tested as one is a key worker, both positive. Both felt generally grotty and miserable for a week with mild fevers and dry coughs, but were sloping around the house rather than bed-ridden and perfectly able to chat on Zoom.

That’s nothing to do with what your employer is asking though. However mild your symptoms, if you are still unwell you need to be self-isolating.

notangelinajolie Tue 07-Apr-20 18:32:56

They won't test anybody with mild symptoms. So it's unlikely you will find many positive/mild people.
However, I believe 'super spreader' man from very early on in this pandemic was tested positive and had only mild symptoms.

StrawberryJam200 Tue 07-Apr-20 18:34:48

Having Covid is not measured by how severe your symptoms are!! Many cases are asymptomatic but can still infect others. Sounds like your HR Dept are rather ill (ha ha, but not really funny) -informed. They are going against government guidance so do not have a leg to stand on. Hope they don’t make life difficult for you though, OP.

Bimbleboo Tue 07-Apr-20 18:36:58

Regardless of whether you have or haven’t got a mild case of it (you won’t be able to prove either way due to no testing) it doesn’t matter. Your employer is out of order and you are following the guidelines by isolating for the full time. People with nothing more than a slight cough are to do the same. So it’s irrelevant and makes no difference if people can tell you they were confirmed with your symptoms. You are following the rules given and your employer is being a twat

wonderstuff Tue 07-Apr-20 18:37:23

Your employer is being ridiculous. They're risking wiping out more of their workforce. Some people are completely asymptomatic and your symptoms tick lots of the boxes. Theres a letter on the nhs website you can download to give employers.

I think Prince Charles is probably the only person in the UK to have a mild case tested positive recently.

Theladyinpurple Tue 07-Apr-20 18:38:40

Your employer is being so unreasonable. The persistent cough is reason to isolate!

I tested positive last week, my symptoms were pretty much what you describe, feeling rubbish and headache and aches for a few days and I still have the cough now.

Hope you recover fully soon

ghostmous3 Tue 07-Apr-20 18:43:01

Oh they are aresholes believe me.

I just struggled to believe myself whether I did have it or not as all you here and see is how ill it's made everyone who has had it and so so many deaths from it and I doubted myself even more when work told me I couldnt possibly have it

I think losing my sense of taste and smell really makes me wonder, I've only had this once in my life and I had a severe sinus infection then.

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SissySpacekAteMyHamster Tue 07-Apr-20 18:43:47

Government guidelines are pretty straightforward. Self isolate if you have a cough or a fever. You definitely cant return to work. If you pass it to anyone else, they may not be so lucky.

Bombaybunty Tue 07-Apr-20 18:46:12

My friend has it. Healthcare professional and has been tested. Her symptoms are quite mild. She is self isolating for 7 days.

ghostmous3 Tue 07-Apr-20 18:48:22

Thank you everyone.
Dont worry I wont be bowing to work just yet, I'll have to go back thurs but if I dont feel right still I'll go back after easter. I don't work the bank hols anyway.

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StrawberryJam200 Tue 07-Apr-20 19:11:29

Yes, download an Isolation Note from the NHS website, you get to it via the symptom checker, it says this:

“What this note is for

Reference number:
This note confirms the person named above has been told to self-isolate by an NHS website or a healthcare professional. This is because:

they have symptoms of coronavirus“

10storeylovesong Tue 07-Apr-20 19:52:15

I've got a very slight cough and was sent home from work Sunday and told not to return until after the 7 days had passed, even if I woke up the next day and the cough had gone. I work frontline Police and we are extremely short staffed, but following government guidelines as don't want the whole team wiped out!!

Bool Tue 07-Apr-20 20:37:12

My DH had it badly. He was tested. There is no way I didn’t have it. I had a mild cough for ages. No fever. Yawned one day all day. That’s it. DS had mild fever, sore throat and cough. 4 days max. DD has nausea. That’s it. We all need the antibody test but am convinced we are through it.

LucheroTena Tue 07-Apr-20 20:42:26

Yes HCP. Tested positive a week after the event. Had fever 38c, aches and pains had to go to bed a few times one day, slight nausea, one off diarrhoea, then mild shortness of breath for about a week with any exertion. I got a very mild cough towards the end. Feel back to normal 10 days after. It was all very mild, much less ill than when I had flu, worse than a cold.

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