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Screaming kids

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BurgerQuean Tue 07-Apr-20 15:46:48

Is anyone else getting frustrated by the sheer volume of the children living around them? I think the poor things must be sick to death of being stuck inside so much because they get let out in the afternoon and it is non-stop screaming and shrieking from about 2pm til 6pm at the moment. The ones in the garden behind me have been given a few lengths of metal piping to play with for the last few days, so we’ve got that delightful auditory experience added into the mix.

I would suggest on our neighbourhood Facebook group that maybe some kind of collective break time could be introduced so that all the screaming takes places in the same pre-arranged hour, but I suspect I would be flayed alive for the suggestion grin maybe I could offset that by dropping gin miniatures round to the poor parents. I can’t imagine they’re enjoying it any more than I am.

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