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Anyone else been left living in a bit of a building site?

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Paintforkitchen Tue 07-Apr-20 14:07:55

We are really lucky that the main building work (large double story extension) finished before this all kicked off but there is so much work that still needs doing inside the house. A lot of it dh will be doing but we obviously can’t get a lot of the materials now, plus his job is at risk so nervous of spending the money anyway.
It’s hard being stuck at home and this just makes it even worse! Everything needs painting, we have temporary cardboard flooring in the kitchen that looks like it will be a bit more than temporary! Bathroom a complete half done state, carpet and new flooring to go down, loads of work still to be done by the electricians....

Yes I know it is not at all important in the grand scheme of things but my goodness it makes it so much harder to be at home when that home just looks like unfinished crap!

Here’s a few examples. Anyone else care to share their pain of half finished building projects?

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LRCG Wed 08-Apr-20 08:21:20

We were due to start getting quotes from builders for our extension... looks like it's on hold now!! I like the paint in the last pic btw

anonname Wed 08-Apr-20 08:27:19

My gran is - was having new cladding put onto her house . Half done - company have just abandoned it as advised to so tools left lying, scaffolding all over house etc . Frustrating for her as she can’t use garden at all - it’s full of scaffolding ... she’s been promised as soon as they can someone will come back and finish it .

Huge building site behind us too - building 200 houses, again totally abandoned as if they’ve just gone on a break and never come back, it’s quite apocalyptic in appearance. Robberies within 24h so police have asked to keep an eye at night and phone if concerned .

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