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Advice on getting to work

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catchyjem Tue 07-Apr-20 11:41:04

Just thinking ahead and would like some advice. My husband works for a pharmacy and has had 14 days off due to one of our daughters having a temp. He is now on annual leave and is due to return to work next week. He usually travels to work by bus. We have a car but only I drive. I'm wondering if it would be better for me to drive him to work (which would mean the kids riding along too) or for him to continue using the bus? I'm not happy that he has to go back to work at all but can't really do anything about that. I suppose I just want to try to reduce the risk wherever possible but not sure which option is best.

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ComtesseDeSpair Tue 07-Apr-20 12:13:28

Could he buy a bicycle, or see if his employer will offer a “cycle to work” loan? With a lot of traffic off the roads, cycling is a lot less daunting at the moment.

madnessitellyou Tue 07-Apr-20 12:13:36

Transport companies round here have been using social media to tell people to only travel if absolutely necessary and certainly the buses I’ve seen have been empty so I think he’d be okay to get the bus.

One thing though, timetables may have changed.

ComtesseDeSpair Tue 07-Apr-20 12:15:40

If he’s reliant on you to drive him to work then it’s going to be tricky if one of you becomes ill and isn’t able to go along in the car.

HoneyBee03 Tue 07-Apr-20 15:16:44

I've been driving DH to and from work as normal, with our toddler coming along with us. It's not been a problem, we just go from the house to the car and back in the house again. I consider it an essential journey.

The buses aren't regular enough and we wouldn't want him getting on one anyway.

LefttoherownDevizes Tue 07-Apr-20 15:18:52

Where are you op? In London suburbs buses and trains are virtually empty

catchyjem Tue 07-Apr-20 22:32:43

We are in London. I know the buses are very quiet, but I still worry. I wouldn't be able to drive him all the time, it would be too much. It would be an hour round trip even with virtually no traffic and the kids would get fed up.

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littlemixarerubbish Tue 07-Apr-20 23:06:42

Could he cycle, OP? It takes me 30mins to drive to work (I'm also in London), but takes the same amount of time on a bike as I don't have as much traffic to contend with. With the weather as it is now, abc much quieter roads, it's a really enjoyable way to travel!

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