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Burning sensation in chest and throat

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Chocarocker Tue 07-Apr-20 10:36:16

Just started with a burning sensation in the middle of my chest and throat this morning, Just wondering if this likely to be anything to worry about? Had a couple of Rennies thinking it was maybe some random heartburn and drank 2 glasses of water but it isn’t shifting at all.

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Hillbillyhotel Tue 07-Apr-20 10:44:19

Not dismissing your concerns at all but I had similar last week and realised it was actually hay fever-tree pollen is very Hugh at the moment.

ofwarren Tue 07-Apr-20 11:28:25

You need to wait and see if you develop more symptoms.
A lot of people are getting acid reflux with CV but generally not in isolation.

OhMsBeliever Tue 07-Apr-20 11:31:03

I had that the night before last, thought it was heartburn. Started coughing yesterday. sad It's not too bad so far, but obviously we're all self isolating now.

HoffiCoffi13 Tue 07-Apr-20 11:32:37

I had this alongside other CV symptoms (cough, fatigue, aches and pains although no fever). 3 weeks from onset of symptoms it’s just started to ease.

cologne4711 Tue 07-Apr-20 12:09:59

DH and I have had this on occasion over the last few weeks. Don't think it's anything to do with covid and everything to do with drinking red wine (had a night off from the wine last night and no heartburn).

I'd be surprised if it were connected with hay fever but I do get it a bit this time of year.

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