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Customer yesterday

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Femail Tue 07-Apr-20 09:16:45

At the end of my shift I walked outside and a man was trying to get in the e ntrance without having to go around the barriers as it was quiet. Security of course stopped him and told him to go through the proper way. He stood arguing and then went through the proper way and he was spouting abuse and saying there is no need for this crap and nothing much was going on to.cause this.

I turned around and told him dont be so stupid and he knew full well what's going on.
Now i go to work with other keyworkers and put our health and lives on the line.

Also people are not being 2 meters apart from each other in store and come right up to staff and other customers. Staff do there best to be at a distance from each other but sometimes cannot due to aisle not being big and having to put stock out.

I'm getting really annoyed with some people who cannot be bothered to follow the rules set in place. And yes I do tell customers to follow the arrows on the floor but they dont.

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Troels Tue 07-Apr-20 09:37:46

Unfortunately they are everywhere. They think rules don't apply to them and they aren't going to catch or spread anything.

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