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Friends child has it. Almost no symptoms.

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sharonmarron Tue 07-Apr-20 07:29:16

My friends 1yo dd had a temp, it went away with calpol. She was fine the next day and has had no symptoms since. They isolated and friend felt a little run down but nothing even as bad as a cold. Got tested as her DP is frontline and their DD tested positive. The adults havent been tested but it is of course assumed that they all have it. The 2 weeks are nearly up and none of them have been properly ill at all. No temperature or cough in the adults.

So just posting this to make sure nobody ignores a slight temperature that goes away quickly and is extra careful even when you dont feel ill at all.

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10storeylovesong Tue 07-Apr-20 07:34:09

I was sent home from work on Sunday night with a very slight cough. I don't feel ill at all, and if it wasn't for CV no one would have bat an eyelid. I'm emergency services (police) but we don't get tested yet so I can't say it is that, but I am frontline so have been around people in hospitals who are confirmed to have it, so we are presuming it is. Just waiting to see if my family develop symptoms now.

Sipperskipper Tue 07-Apr-20 07:34:48

Thanks for posting this. A good reminder to people, and also hopefully a bit reassuring to those who are really worried at the moment. Hopefully they are all fully recovered soon.

MangoesAreMyFavourite Tue 07-Apr-20 07:41:24

Thanks for posting this.
DS(13) had a slight fever about 2 weeks back. Tiny fever, one evening, all better the next day.
It was so difficult taking the self isolation seriously. But we did.

A week later I came down with it and while it's light, it's still knocked me sideways. At least now they all believe me that it was necessary!!

Patchworksack Tue 07-Apr-20 07:42:34

We started self isolating because my daughter (5) had a temperature. She really was not very poorly. 4 days later my DH came down with fever, cough, exhaustion, base of skull headache. He ended up being blue lighted to hospital with difficulty breathing and chest pain. He still wasn't tested because he was assessed in the cardiac unit and sent home, but we're as sure as we can be he had Covid. I had three days of being exhausted and achey, one son had one day of abdominal pain, other one no symptoms at all. If the antibody test ever materialises it will be interesting to see if we have all been exposed. Very odd how it can be lethal for some (even fit healthy adults) and almost symptomless in others.

eurochick Tue 07-Apr-20 08:30:53

That's the same for flu though (another Coronavirus) - some people are completely floored by it. Others are asymptomatic.

sharonmarron Tue 07-Apr-20 10:12:02

Glad this has helped some people. A friend of mine had a toddler with a high temperature (quite common for her when teething) and was dithering over whether to put it down to teething and continue with her (key worker) job or self isolate with her family but this story convinced her to isolate.

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BighouseLittlemouse Tue 07-Apr-20 10:23:17

That’s interesting - we had a similar situation. 5 year old had a high temp, no other symptoms and was fine after a day or so. Older DS has abdominal pains. I then got a sore throat followed by a cough, felt a bit tired but other wise fine. We did self isolate but I said to a friend it did feel weird in some way as my symptoms were so mild. Of course may not have been corona ( 5 year olds best friend had the same high temp the day before him, parent went on to develop more classic corona symptoms)

Louise000000 Tue 07-Apr-20 10:27:55

Very helpful, my dd (8) had a very high temp on Sunday night, was around 40. Calpol only took it down after 4 hours. Since then she's been fine and my mum has CV but they were together before the lockdown so very possible dd has it also

Starlightstarbright1 Tue 07-Apr-20 10:30:24

As a childminder I sent a child home with a high temperature over38 . She possibly was also teething but they have had to isolate for a fortnight. We just don’t know in this situation . Parents are both Keyworkers so testing would have really helped .

DontBiteTheBoobThatFeedsYou Tue 07-Apr-20 10:30:41

They tested the daughter because her dad is frontline?

That's not how things work.

Omashu Tue 07-Apr-20 10:34:15

My almost 2 year old daughter fell ill quickly the other week with a cough, very runny nose and temperature. The temp lasted 3 days and she wouldn’t eat a thing and just wanted to lie on the couch all day (normally not like her at all, even when she’s ill). She was also breathing quicker than normal.. is was really worrying!! She wasn’t quite bad enough to take to hospital but I nearly considered it a few times. Anyway as she started to improve I had a headache and watery eyes one night and woke up with red eyes which lasted 3 day’s an no other symptoms whatsoever! Apparently red eyes is a rare/newly discovered covid 19 symptom so I’m guessing that’s what we had. My OH has been waking up with headaches and a sore throat for the past week but it’s no better or worse although I think that’s because he is acting like a teen by staring as a screen all day and staying up all night

Hannsmum Tue 07-Apr-20 10:36:42

This is really interesting to 2 yr old had a flu type of illness. Very high temp for 2 days and a cough. Then few days later my 6 year old had the highest temp ive seen all of a sudden, no cold, said her ribs were paining her.loaded her on calpol and vitamins and was fine the next day like nothing happened.

I then had a sore throat and achy body few days later and im now convinced thats what we had especially with my daughter's symptoms

AliciaWhiskers Tue 07-Apr-20 10:39:05

@DontBiteTheBoobThatFeedsYou that is how it now works. I work for the NHS and they are testing the family member who is symptomatic so that if they are negative the key worker doesn't need to self isolate.

ineedaholidaynow Tue 07-Apr-20 10:39:35

How was the DD tested, or are you not in the UK?

DontBiteTheBoobThatFeedsYou Tue 07-Apr-20 10:41:24

@AliciaWhiskers when did that change?

AliciaWhiskers Tue 07-Apr-20 10:42:56

We got emailed about it in our trust at the end of last week. I don't know anyone who has done it yet. They are focusing on workers who have only just started to self isolate (as if they tested people who had already been off for a week, by the time the test result came back their self isolation period would almost be up anyway).

AliciaWhiskers Tue 07-Apr-20 10:43:48

By that I mean if they tested the family member with symptoms. They are not (as far as I know) testing the staff member.

sharonmarron Tue 07-Apr-20 10:45:06

The DD was tested because her dad is an NHS doctor. It is definitely the way things work where they are (UK) - only the symptomatic child was tested as even if the dad was tested and was negative he would still have to isolate for the required 14 days (and possibly longer if he develops symptoms).

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tenlittlecygnets Tue 07-Apr-20 10:46:28

@Louise000000 - my dd (8) had a very high temp on Sunday night, was around 40. Since then she's been fine and my mum has CV but they were together before the lockdown so very possible dd has it also.

When did your dd last see your mum? We've been in lockdown since 23 March, which is over two weeks ago. That's longer than the stated incubation period for cv, which is up to 14 days but more commonly symptoms begin 5 days after exposure.

Zilla1 Tue 07-Apr-20 10:47:25

No testing in this part of the UK for front line medics or nurses, let alone family members. Then again, no/insufficient/incorrect PPE.

middleager Tue 07-Apr-20 10:54:14

This is interesting.

My DS (13) was in Italy over half term. 25 days later he had a two day fever, vomiting (really unusual as he is never ill).

The last week I have been ill for 5-6 days (on mend now). It presented like tonsillitis but with a cough, but still feels I've got off lightly if it was CV.

That's why kids are superspreaders, they can go almost undetected with it.
I was impressed with how DS' young, strong body seemed to fight it off.

Custardcreamies101 Tue 07-Apr-20 10:55:32

If the daughter got tested as the father is an nhs doctor. Then why aren’t the other nhs staff including nurses and doctors not being tested?

middleager Tue 07-Apr-20 10:56:52

I mentioned 25 days little as there are outliers for Cv incubation periods.

However, DS could have picked something up from school inbetween, especially as 50 went skiing so it could have circulated around school.

Lovemusic33 Tue 07-Apr-20 10:57:59

I think I had it 2 weeks ago, only mild symptoms but pretty high temp, cough and very tired, lasted 4 days, dd2 developed a cough 5 days after but no temp, dd1 has had no symptoms at all. Unsure if we have all had it. Dd1 had a bad cough and temperature at Christmas and has had no symptoms this time which does make me wonder if she had already had it.

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