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Anyone else with a toddler and no garden?

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MozFan Mon 06-Apr-20 22:19:44

Really struggling and need to know how others are coping.
Any activities?
We have a small house which doesn’t help sad I just want to move, but obviously can’t just yet.
We go for our daily exercise which helps.

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itakephotos Mon 06-Apr-20 22:26:57

A few of our favourites atm:
- any craft bits, even basic stuff like cutting and sticking paper, making cards etc.
- washing plastic toys, especially animals in soapy water 😆
- she loves playing with her little brothers baby toys, have you got anything from when they were little? Seems to keep them busy as it's like having "new toys"
- anything I'm doing! Hanging washing, cleaning, etc
- making tents out of chairs and sheets
- playing animal hospital, making bandages and plasters etc
- and not feeling guilty about tv atm. It's needed!!

Good luck!

Phifedean123 Mon 06-Apr-20 22:35:11

Me and in a flat with a 2.5yo 😩 it's hard isn't it. I find keeping a structure helps us. So screen time in morning before breakfast then we go for our one walk then something fun inside like play dough or kinetic sand. Nap lunch then a messy play activity in the afternoon something like foam in a tray, water play or building a den. Half an hour out back in the yard with chalk and toys then tea, bath and bed.
Really is a day at a time at the moment

oracleofages Tue 07-Apr-20 00:55:37

22 mo in a 2 bed flat here. No outdoor space at all, even a balcony.

We go out for a long walk every morning to a local green space, where she loves finding leaves/twigs/anything left on the ground. That tires her out enough for her to have a long nap. In the afternoon we either do some online toddler classes or she chooses some of her toys to play with. I've tried setting up more structured activities but to be honest she is more interested in playing with her toys in the way she wants. She loves banging some shakers/drum along with some toddler music videos, and doing some toddler dance videos I've found on Youtube. Have a look on FB for a group called Play Hooray - I've got loads of ideas and links from them.

We maxed out her library card just before the library shut, so we have a batch of 20 new books and I'm letting her have one per week. And some toys which I was going to wrap for her birthday in a couple of months, but instead I'm letting her have one new toy a week, so she has something new to play with.

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