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Essential Visitor-What precautions?

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Gyptian Mon 06-Apr-20 20:56:14


We’ve noticed that we have a discoloured patch on the ceiling in the kitchen directly below where the toilet is in the upstairs bathroom. There is also a seam where water drops are forming so it looks like we have a leak. I don’t believe it 😢-we’re all at home and apart from going out for exercise once a day, we’re more or less in isolation. I absolutely hate the idea of a plumber coming into the house as I feel it puts us at risk. I am in a vulnerable group due to asthma so I’m feeling especially worried about it.

We can’t leave it for 3 plus months so we have a plumber coming out on Wednesday morning. In terms of precautions, we’re going to confine ourselves in the living room and leave the door unlocked for him to come in without us seeing him. I will ask him to phone me to report what the issue is. He will be wearing gloves but I will ask him what he touched whilst here and wipe down all surfaces we’re likely to touch including door handles, the stair rail etc. Are there any other precautions I can take which I’ve not thought of? Thanks.

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