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Driving licence and Corona

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Undomesticgodde55 Mon 06-Apr-20 20:33:08

My driving licence is up for renewal, but the online service keeps telling me I can't renew online. No reason why just an error message each time saying I cannot use the service.

Currently they are only taking calls from key workers, although I am a key worker I am working from home now so not really appropriate to call their phone line. Also on there website I saw they are not accepting paper applications (not sure if this is for new drivers or for everybody). Online web bot has said "I'll need to pass you onto an advisor but we are only accepting key workers"

Now I can currently live without a car. My DP drives and we have a local coop, so even if they did accept paper applications I don't think it's essential that I make a trip out to get a passport photo (no printer at home) or go to the post office. I'm also in my third trimester and only leaving the house in the morning when it's quiet for a dog walk - DP is doing the food shops at the moment.

I do need a licence for my primary role - but I won't be back to my proper job until January (thanks to WFH and mat leave)

So. If I don't renew my licence what will happen if I decided not to drive? Will I still get a fine and will I have trouble getting the licence back when I'm able to renew it? I will lose my job if I don't have a licence (ambulance) I've exhausted google and the government website and can't find a straight answer anywhere sad

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delilahbucket Mon 06-Apr-20 20:38:01

Nothing will happen. Plenty of people drive around with expired licences completely oblivious. Just renew when you can.

dementedpixie Mon 06-Apr-20 20:41:39

Do you have a current passport as that's what you need for an online application?

Undomesticgodde55 Mon 06-Apr-20 20:42:13

DVLA sent me the letter though so can't really get away with "I didn't realise" excuse. Lol I must come across as paranoid

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Undomesticgodde55 Mon 06-Apr-20 20:42:57

@dementedpixie yes I did my passport online with no problems which is why it's so strange it's not letting me do it online now.

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Pigletthedog Mon 06-Apr-20 20:43:42

Why has your licence expired? Sorry if that's obvious, I didn't think they did expire - other than after about 50 years??

Connie222 Mon 06-Apr-20 20:44:20

Keep trying. It took me ages a couple of weeks ago, I kept getting error messages.
In the end I tried in the middle of the night and it worked.

Undomesticgodde55 Mon 06-Apr-20 20:47:56

@Pigletthedog you have to renew every ten years to update the photo. The date is on your licence when you need to renew.

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dementedpixie Mon 06-Apr-20 20:48:07

The photo needs renewed every 10 years. You use your passport details to renew the driving licence as it uses the photo from your passport for the new photocard

Undomesticgodde55 Mon 06-Apr-20 20:48:31

@Connie222 that's handy to know I'll keep trying later tonight

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Pigletthedog Mon 06-Apr-20 20:49:19

Thank you op goes to check own licence

dementedpixie Mon 06-Apr-20 20:52:31

If you still have the paper one with no photocard then that doesnt expire until you're 70 I think. If any details change e.g. name, address, etc. then you need to change to a photocard one

Undomesticgodde55 Mon 06-Apr-20 20:55:16

It's a photo card. Shame coz 20 year old me was much better looking than 32 year old me on my current passport grin now I'm gonna look like a serial killer on both passport and driving licence.

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AlphaHotelFoxtrot Mon 06-Apr-20 20:55:36

Pigletthedog photo card licenses need to be renewed every 10 years.

Northernsoullover Mon 06-Apr-20 20:57:37

I drove around with mine expired for 6 months. I was horrified. I just sent away for a new one fully expecting to be hauled over the coals. Nothing happened. Just keep trying.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Mon 06-Apr-20 21:00:36

The photo is expired but your licence hasn’t.

Undomesticgodde55 Mon 06-Apr-20 21:13:01

I couldn't drive knowing it's expired, especially in the job I'm in I'd definitely lose my job if I was stopped.

If I can't drive for a few months while this is going on I can live with that, but will I still get fined/points if I'm not driving? My licence gets checked at work periodically and it has to clean.

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delilahbucket Mon 06-Apr-20 21:15:11

If you're not driving with an expired licence what will you get points or a fine for?

Undomesticgodde55 Mon 06-Apr-20 21:17:32

@delilahbucket because it's the DVLA lol

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delilahbucket Mon 06-Apr-20 21:56:33

The DVLA don't give points or fines, the police do. They can't issue a penalty for an expired licence because they don't know if you are using it.

olivesandpecans Mon 06-Apr-20 22:21:40

I received my letter to renew last week and the website worked immediately: I got my new licence on Saturday. Maybe keep trying the website?

KeepOnKeepingOnAgainandAgain Tue 07-Apr-20 17:17:08

I don't have a current passport so can't renew on line. I received a letter yesterday threatening all sorts. I didn't renew the photo licence when the first reminder arrived because I was already self-isolating and I can't renew without physically going to the post office. The letter has no contact details.

Unless they are now accepting photo ID of me wearing a face mask (possibly teamed with a snorkelling mask) I won't be breaking self isolation. Especially as I am not planning to drive anywhere soon as that would be breaking the rules.

Joined up thinking would be nice.

LizzieMacQueen Tue 07-Apr-20 17:35:04

Is the problem your cookies setting? What PC are you using?

TBH I'd call them, you are a key worker after all. And you never know when you might need to drive.

10storeylovesong Tue 07-Apr-20 18:34:41

I had an issues renewing my licence online, even though I only renewed my passport online a few months ago. I had to go into the post office and do it. The cashier said they have lots of people coming in with the same problem.

Undomesticgodde55 Tue 07-Apr-20 20:17:02

Just updating - so I did call up DVLA today after speaking to my manager - even though I'm not driving at work at the moment things could change and I need it up to date for their records.

Apparently because I have C1 on my licence I can't do it online (seems a little silly) as I need to sign a declaration for it. They said I had to get a photo done to keep it up to date so tied it in with our weekly shop. Had a few funny looks from people but nobody called me out on it. Lots of alcohol rub after using the photo booth.

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