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Not seen a thread about how hard it is for those shielding

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FuckThisWind Mon 06-Apr-20 20:31:59

Honestly, I haven't heard so much of a peep from those of us who are shielding. I know it's difficult for all of us. I know it must be harder still for those who live in flats with no outdoor space. Especially with kids.
But my situation is this (and I am absolutely not playing any kind of competitive politics here)
I'm severely asthmatic. Single parent. Mum (75) has spent a week in critical care after having major cancer surgery. Dad is 71 and struggling too. Had to put our cat to sleep today. My 8 year old DD was gutted. Yet still we abide by the rules. We don't whinge on about not going to the beach. I knew when my Mum went into hospital a week ago that I wouldn't be able to see her. To talk to her. I got it. I didn't think my freedom was being taken away. I didn't kick or scream. Because I know it was for our better good. Honestly, if I see anyone else whining on about being cooped up being a liberty, I will explode. And don't get me wrong, I have had very difficult times in my life. But FGS stay at home. It really isn't that difficult.
If you feel it is, please feel free to message me. And we can talk about our difficulties.

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