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How does furloughing work?

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furloughinfo Mon 06-Apr-20 19:04:27

Dh is being furloughed, he earns approx 51k so what will he be taking home and will he still pay tax and NI? Anyone earning similar that has been furloughed that can tell me a ballpark amount??Thank you.

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dementedpixie Mon 06-Apr-20 19:17:24

Its 80% but there is a cap of £2500 per month that will be paid back to the employer. My dh will drop back to £2500 as his employer will not top it up

HugoSpritz Mon 06-Apr-20 19:18:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Eeyoresstickhouse Mon 06-Apr-20 19:18:47

He will be capped at the £2500 on that salary. And that money is before normal deductions such as tax, NI etc....

MissCherryCakeyBun Mon 06-Apr-20 19:19:01

From the letter I got from work you get 80% of your wages up to a total of £2,500 a month and yes tax and NI on top of that so according to Martin Lewis calculator he would take home £2,005 a month after paying approximately £292 tax and £205 NI

You can work it out here

user1353245678533567 Mon 06-Apr-20 19:20:27

Unless his employer tops it up he'll receive £2500pm less tax and NI and pension contributions. There are PAYE calculators you can use online.

userxx Mon 06-Apr-20 19:20:39

His gross will be £40,800 and yes, he'll pay tax and ni. Google tax calculator to get the actual take home figure.

Comefromaway Mon 06-Apr-20 19:20:53

It depends on his tax code the exact amount he will get. Auto enrolment pension contributions will also be taken.

furloughinfo Mon 06-Apr-20 19:21:46

Thank you. He hasn't had official info from work yet in regards to top ups etc. I think he will hear from them tomorrow. We were just wondering ballpark what he might come out with. So it looks like somewhere between 2000-2500k i suppose.

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