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This thread from a play/sports franchise is all sorts of wrong

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Namesgonenow Mon 06-Apr-20 16:30:15

Got an email from the local franchise owner of a sports chain. DS 4 had attended a trial a few months ago and didn’t like it and we didn’t join. Clearly on the mailing list - in any case they’ve sent out this email - my mind boggles at what they are suggesting. Here is the text -

Dear (sports name) parents

We hope you are all well, and surviving the childcare/working from home juggling act. I have certainly struggled with the changes at home, of working, teaching at home, husband working from home and running a household!

I have had a meeting with my coaches to brainstorm some ideas on how to keep them busy, to some how earn a living and to support the community in these unprecedented times.

We have come up with a few ideas, alongside our virtual sessions which will be on offer soon.

If you are trying to work from home and need a few hours to get some work done, or if you are a key worker and need to go in to work for your shift, or if you just need peace for an hour.

We would like to offer "real-life" at home sessions with one of our coaches. We have all been well, and in isolation for 2 weeks. This could be for 1-2 hours in your home, where the coach could bring some playball equipment (which will be cleaned) or use your at home equipment and run a session of fun and games in the garden while you get some work done. Our coaches are ready to take on any challenges that your children may "throw" at them. They would be keen to help with home learning or just plain old childcare. Our coaches are available right away, for regular childcare or ad hoc playball fun sessions. They are all DBS checked, first aid trained, and familiar to your children.

The coaches will wear a mask and gloves to try and minimise any infection towards them selves or your family. The childcare/ fun sessions will take place outdoors if possible.

This is not an opportunity to make any profit, but to generate some income for my coaches who are in a very difficult position. A suggested rate would be £10 per hour for 1 child, £15 per hour for 2 children and £20 per hour for 3 or more children.

We are open to suggestions on how we can help our community and keep ourselves busy.

Please let us know if you are interested or if you have any questions

Kind regards

* I mean wtf?! I will be replying of course - but this can’t be right to send out surely?

MagicKingdomDizzy Mon 06-Apr-20 17:46:41

This is bizarre, and I don't see any parents being OK with this anyway.

Are they actually suggesting they stay at home with your child whilst you go off to work.

Apart from the fact that it doesn't comply with social distancing at all, it's just a really bizarre bad idea confused

TheReluctantCountess Mon 06-Apr-20 17:48:32

That’s wrong, surely.

Soontobe60 Mon 06-Apr-20 17:49:56

I'm shocked!

Cheeryandmerry Mon 06-Apr-20 17:52:29

Good God no.

Bingeslayer Mon 06-Apr-20 17:52:59

Sorry but they need reporting to authorities and this is the first time I've said that!

EmAndes Mon 06-Apr-20 17:53:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

user1353245678533567 Mon 06-Apr-20 17:55:30

Babysitting basically?

Naivety or financial desperation or both?

Namesgonenow Mon 06-Apr-20 17:58:08

They have now sent a follow up email saying there has been a misunderstanding and apparently we were to have understood this email as referring to summer and not now. I have re read the original email thrice and cannot see any reason to take it to refer to summer. Can you? And if not is the place to report the non urgent police line you think? “Clarifying” second email pasted below -

Dear (sports name) Parents

Thank you for all of your lovely feedback with regards to our email sent out today. Please could I clarify a misunderstanding, and apologise if I have caused any issues.

We were merely offering a service to help. The email was to reach out and see if anyone could do with some childcare help, in the summer term. We were not intending to start this right away. I should have been more clear, we were going to wait until the lock down restrictions had been lifted, to ensure the safety of your children and of coarse our coaches. When I said "start right away" I meant after lock down, we would have been in isolation, and we would then be well enough to interact from a distance or depending what the advice would be at that point.

As soon as the government allows a bit of movement, we would be happy to help parents that are required to work from home, and would like a bit of help.
Once again, I would like to apologise for raising concern and for the confusion.

Kind regards

Stet Mon 06-Apr-20 18:01:45

Nice backtracking! It was obvious they meant right now and then got a torrent of angry feedback so are now trying to fib their way out of it.

MagicKingdomDizzy Mon 06-Apr-20 18:01:52

That follow up email sounds like they've had a ton of complaints, and are scrambling to backtrack because it makes them look like complete morons.

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