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Center parcs Europe refund refusal

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Sunbo Mon 06-Apr-20 16:01:38

Does anyone else have a booking with a center parcs in Europe ie a non-UK site?

They will not refund the amount we have paid for a holiday next week, only offering a voucher and then holiday needs to be rebooked within 12 months. Obviously I would rather have the money back but they are refusing. Any advice please?

Chocolateandcarbs Mon 06-Apr-20 16:05:00

We had a break booked in the UK. We rearranged the dates and they (quiet rightly) waived the fee they usually charge to change the dates. However, I contacted them when this all started and was advised that if the site were forced to shut then I’d be entitled to a full refund. Perhaps their policy has changed?

Sunbo Mon 06-Apr-20 16:31:42

I thought the UK center parcs were offering full refunds?

We were booked to go to one in France so interested in anyone that has a booking with center parcs Europe as have been told they are a separate company to the UK one.

KellyMarieTunstall2 Mon 06-Apr-20 16:35:00

Can you claim on your travel insurance?
We're booked to go to CP in France for may half term, I doubt we'll be going.

SheilaFentiman Mon 06-Apr-20 16:42:55

The 'refund within 14 days' is a UK rule and I have read that UK travel firms are lobbying to move this to a similar system to other countries i.e. a voucher for an alternative or at least longer to process the refund, so I suspect you may be stuck with their offer!

Sunbo Mon 06-Apr-20 16:52:35

@KellyMarieTunstall2 I can claim on travel insurance but have to pay £100 excess.

Not sure whether just to do that and accept the £100 loss so that I at least have most of the cash back rather than a voucher. No idea when we will be able to travel again and if the company goes bust then a voucher is worthless

UhKevin Mon 06-Apr-20 16:55:32

* Not sure whether just to do that and accept the £100 loss so that I at least have most of the cash back rather than a voucher. No idea when we will be able to travel again and if the company goes bust then a voucher is worthless*

Same situation, just not a CP holiday. We’re opting for the excess; for us it’s a small price to pay not to be tied into anything.

Aesopfable Mon 06-Apr-20 16:55:39

Did you pay by credit card? If so, try claiming from them.

Sunbo Mon 06-Apr-20 17:02:16

Unfortunately didn’t pay by credit card.

@UhKevin yes think I may have to do the same

Theyweretheworstoftimes Mon 06-Apr-20 17:34:15

Covers services not provided

Bluebeetle7 Fri 17-Apr-20 12:19:55

Hi @Sunbo, we are in exactly the same position - wondered if you have had any luck?

Sunbo Fri 17-Apr-20 12:31:54

@Bluebeetle7 not been able to get a refund from them so going through insurance, but will lose £100 due to excess fee sad

Bluebeetle7 Fri 17-Apr-20 13:01:48

Sorry to hear that :-( Did you try quoting the Consumer Rights Act 2015 like @Theyweretheworstoftimes mentioned or did they still not budge?

Bluebeetle7 Fri 17-Apr-20 13:10:54

Also, in case of help, I found this - I'm not 100% but pretty sure Pierre&Vacances are the company for some Center Parcs in France (our booking was for Villages Natures and this seems to be where our contact has come from). One thing I notice in the questions futher down is they say that the voucher is valid for 18 months and if you're unable to rebook in that time then they will then offer a refund. I know it might not be much help as it still means trusting that a company will not go under for 18 months and being without the money for 18 months. But in case of interest.

Breadandroses1 Sat 18-Apr-20 07:34:10

Ah this is useful, thanks- we are supposed to be going to De Vossenmeren in May half term and am 99.9% sure it won't happen, although they are still saying they will be open. Eurostar are also saying vouchers but it looks like they will refund if pushed, as it's in their T&C.

I would rather have a refund- we might go in October half term (we have a 2 week half term so can go without a massive price home) but it's much less appealing in October and would rather play it by ear for something in the UK instead at the end of the summer. I did pay by credit card so that's another option.

Someaddedsugar Sat 18-Apr-20 07:39:38

@Chocolateandcarbs have you asked for a refund following moving your break?

We were due to go to UK CP in the Easter holidays but when the email came out about waiving the admin fee we reluctantly moved our booking to later in the year with an additional £900 to pay for the booking as this was the only week we could all go where the additional fee didn't end up over £1000 (us and in-laws staying in 2 lodges).

When they then closed CP and started offering refunds we asked if we could have a refund as we weren't aware this would be an option but were told no as we'd already moved the dates despite us not wanting to pay the extra.

J9PYN Tue 19-May-20 19:17:30

That's where we were going at the same time!
We cancelled 5 weeks before travel to get 70% back rather than a voucher. I've not received a voucher and they didn't process my cancellation. Spent a fortune calling them to discuss and numerous emails through the complaint page on p&v website but they reply via email to say this is resolved as they don't answer the phone.

TheLette Tue 19-May-20 20:01:58

Certain countries have changed their laws and are allowing companies to give vouchers instead of refunds in some cases. So I suggest you Google the relevant country's rules to see if they have changed. Difficult to challenge the voucher if the law specifically allows it.

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