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Now advising to cancel holidays indefinitely

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NemophilistRebel Mon 06-Apr-20 15:12:38

News today is now saying that travel abroad for holidays should be cancelled indefinitely

This is going to be a massive hit on the industry and people in general

Especially those hoping for September or October half term breaks.

ReceptacleForTheRespectable Mon 06-Apr-20 15:14:33

It's not a surprise though, is it? I had an overseas trip planned for November and I have been resigned to it probably not happening for a couple of weeks now.

BrexpatInSwitzerland Mon 06-Apr-20 15:14:42

... at which point I have a much bigger problem than whether or not I - or Joe Bloggs down the road - make it to my summer break:

Three of my 6 biggest clients are airlines. I guess I should be looking at re-writing my CV, then ...

ReceptacleForTheRespectable Mon 06-Apr-20 15:15:29

I think it would be pretty optimistic to think that unchecked foreign travel for leisure purposes is going to resume any time in 2020.

NemophilistRebel Mon 06-Apr-20 15:16:07

It does look that way.
I feel for everyone in the travel industry right now.

I didn’t have anything booked but it’s more signs that things aren’t going to be just going back to normal anytime soon

NemophilistRebel Mon 06-Apr-20 15:16:50

Unfortunately there’s many threads in MN right now where people are genuinely hopefully of their Booker June and July holidays

chocolatesaltyballs22 Mon 06-Apr-20 15:17:52

The press are making this a bigger story than it is. If you look on the FCO website nothing has changed other than they have extended the initial 30 day period advising against all but essential travel. The press have sensationalised it into a ALL HOLIDAYS CANCELLED FOREVER type story. It's bullshit. Of course they're not going to want to put an end date on no travel at the moment while there is so much uncertainty, but I'm not reading this as any huge change from where we are right now.

chocolatesaltyballs22 Mon 06-Apr-20 15:19:08

Also, don't cancel your holidays now. You won't get a refund and your insurers won't pay out. Wait for your tour operator to contact you nearer the time.

DGRossetti Mon 06-Apr-20 15:19:41

Personally I think the days of travelling we used to know are gone. Which rather calls into question whether we'll "need" a spread of airlines. Of any capacity in future.

It's not just this virus that people will worry about. But the next. Which will mean anyone travelling is going to need to be able to show they are covered before they enter a country - and that insurance will cost. No cover. No entry. And in return, I can't see the UK rushing to open it's borders any moment soon (well, once it's actually closed them).

This might be the boost our seaside towns needed ...

vanillandhoney Mon 06-Apr-20 15:20:26

In other words, don't book any holidays yet.

Is that not just common sense?

chocolatesaltyballs22 Mon 06-Apr-20 15:20:37

Oh FFS please stop with the doom-mongering.

JKScot4 Mon 06-Apr-20 15:20:59

My DD1 works in travel insurance and they are asking you don’t call unless you’re travelling in the next 28 days, they are swamped and have about 3/4 weeks worth of claims backed up.

SlothMama Mon 06-Apr-20 15:22:31

It's a wise decision, because even if or when they eradicate the virus from the UK global travel must be paused to stop the virus coming in from other countries.

Shehz21 Mon 06-Apr-20 15:26:06

I have a small question. What about non leisure travel? My family live in another country and I haven't seen them in a good while. And my dad has a terminal disease. I had my ticket booked for the 30th of June with Emirates. Is it too optimistic to think I could travel by then? I am also a citizen of that country and they would most probably be reopening their borders latest June.

NemophilistRebel Mon 06-Apr-20 15:26:27

Chocolateballs - I really don’t think anywhere is saying holidays cancelled forever

It’s certainly not what I’ve seen hmm

vanillandhoney Mon 06-Apr-20 15:30:42

Oh FFS please stop with the doom-mongering.

What doom-mongering? confused

GrimDamnFanjo Mon 06-Apr-20 15:30:58

Ryanair cancelled my October flights.
I'm just waiting for them to cancel June's flights to an event which is now cancelled.
I had a special trip cancelled booked for the start of May. My main concern is that I can rebook within 12 months as it's just a credit booking iyswim

fivesecondrule Mon 06-Apr-20 15:31:18

The FCO have stated on their SM accounts "The Foreign Office indefinitely advises against all non-essential global travel " today but the last update on the FCO webpage was 30th March. According to Simon Calder (travel expert) that doesn't mean you can claim off your insurance for an upcoming trip because the restrictions could be lifted.

chocolatesaltyballs22 Mon 06-Apr-20 15:33:10

I was exaggerating for effect, I know it doesn't say forever. But my point is that the press are making a story out of something which isn't actually a change from the situation we're in right now, ie no one knows when the travel ban will be lifted.

DGRossetti Mon 06-Apr-20 15:35:00

Oh FFS please stop with the doom-mongering.

It's arguable (and I am sure many will smile) that the defining feature of our current situation is how far it has already progressed beyond what people were dismissing as "doom-mongering" only 4 weeks ago. Including our handshake happy Prime Minister.

mencken Mon 06-Apr-20 15:39:21

sorry for all looking forward to a trip.

I don't think it will be 'never travel again'. But if we travel less, that will help the planet. Global warming is still there and tackling it does mean doing all the things that we are now forced to do.

if you want a planet for your kids, things have to change.

KoalasandRabbit Mon 06-Apr-20 15:44:25

Shehz21 I would have thought that would be classed as essential travel so should be OK but make sure can get flights in and out. Sorry to hear about your Dad. My DH's family are all in France, I think if one of them got seriously ill he would be allowed to travel but we aren't allowed to just go on a French holiday.

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Mon 06-Apr-20 15:44:58

I’m not surprised. I’ve not been expecting my July holiday to go ahead, nor my October one really, although have been keeping fingers crossed for a miracle (that’s for a wedding & visiting family, we don’t normally go abroad outside of summer hols). We’re keeping both bookings though, we’ll likely opt to transfer the money already paid for a longer break next Summer. I worked in the travel industry for a long time (both international & domestic) & know how much they’ll need the bookings.

forrasee Mon 06-Apr-20 15:47:44

shehz My friend moved to Germany yesterday, flew from London and wasn't quizzed on either side and hasn't been asked to isolate or anything. I weirdly suspect you'll be fine.

Quartz2208 Mon 06-Apr-20 15:49:30

Its basically actually we DONT KNOW when it is going to be back so rather than give a date which may well either upset people because its too far in advance or lull into a false sense of security because its too soon.

So they simply dont have a date. I am on an Orlando forum and I remember the same about Disney shutting indefinitely.

Indefinitely means for an unlimited or unspecified period of time. Here it means for an unspecified period of time

Which makes sense because its a two way thing here.

It MAY be back from sometime for the Summer onwards we just dont know - so they have simply decided it is easiest not to say.

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