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Lockdown will end sooner than later

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Mumlove5 Mon 06-Apr-20 14:45:45

Let’s hope the government will listen to the economists. A balance needs to be created.

I honestly do not think Boris will stand for a longterm lockdown. He wants to get back to normality ASAP.

Plus, infection rates are slowing in Europe🙏🏻

“It’s a false argument that we are either going to save lives or save the economy,” said Sir Iain, a former Work and Pensions Secretary. “We are talking about saving lives right now versus saving lives in the future because people have got jobs to go back to, and a strong economy that can raise enough taxes to pay for the NHS.”

Yet when does the crossover point come when the Government has to start prioritising the economy above all else? “I’d say we have until the end of this month,” added Mr Duncan Smith. “We have a chance of saving the economy if we are out of this in three weeks but much longer and businesses won’t be able to be resurrected and charities will go under. And then we will see real suffering. We get this done, we flatten the curve and we get back to normal.”

Horehound Mon 06-Apr-20 14:47:23

Infection rates are slowing because if lockdowns.

It won't be over by the end of this week. (Week 3)

Jellycatspyjamas Mon 06-Apr-20 14:50:17

Plus, infection rates are slowing in Europe🙏🏻

They’re not slowing in the uk, we’re a couple of weeks behind. I don’t see things changing for a while yet.

VladmirsPoutine Mon 06-Apr-20 14:51:34

I don't think the reigns are going to be loosened till around June and even that is hopeful.

Mumlove5 Mon 06-Apr-20 14:52:37

Austria today became the first country to set out detailed plans for ending the standstill, with smaller shops re-opening on April 14 and larger ones on May 1.

Denmark also plans to start lifting restrictions after Easter, but wants people to 'work in a more staggered way' to avoid crowding into trains and buses.

Meanwhile Germany is willing to re-open schools on a regional basis and allow a limited number of people into restaurants if the infection rate stays sufficiently low.

TheCountessatHotelCortez Mon 06-Apr-20 14:54:37

A lot of companies will not survive until June even with furlough payments my DH has had an email informing him that cuts will be made if required to save the company should it go on too long

Lookingforwardtomyeastereggs Mon 06-Apr-20 14:54:47

I agree with you op and I think maybe another 3 weeks and they'll start lifting lockdown, but it will probably be done gradually.

Unfortunately the majority of mumsnet are absolutely loving all of this and would prefer it if the government nailed our front doors shut.

Mumlove5 Mon 06-Apr-20 15:01:50

The UK may have “painted itself into a corner” with no way out of the coronavirus lockdown, a senior government adviser has said.

Professor Graham Medley, who sits on the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), told The Times that ministers must consider the potential social problems like unemployment and mental ill health caused by the lockdown when deciding its exit strategy.

It is nearly two weeks since Boris Johnson told the public to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary social contact in a bid to halt the spread of the virus.

However, Professor Medley, who chairs the SAGE committee that oversees mathematical models for the Government, said: “This disease is so nasty that we had to suppress it completely. Then we’ve kind of painted ourselves into a corner, because then the question will be what do we do now?

“We will have done three weeks of this lockdown so there’s a big decision coming up on 13 April. In broad terms are we going to continue to harm children to protect vulnerable people, or not?”

The professor of infectious disease modelling at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine told The Times the social impact of the lockdown was “increasingly being considered” by advisers.

He said: "The measures to control [the disease] cause harm. The principal one is economic, and I don’t mean to the economy generally, I mean to the incomes of people who rely on a continuous stream of money and their children, particularly the school closure aspect .

"There will also be actual harms in terms of mental health, in terms of domestic violence and child abuse, and in terms of food poverty.”

And he warned: "If we carry on with lockdown it buys us more time, we can get more thought put into it, but it doesn’t resolve anything - it’s a placeholder.”

Professor Medley’s warnings about the social toll of the lockdown come after claims for welfare help soared, amid fears that the closure of vast swathes of the economy will plunge the UK into a deep recession.

Mumlove5 Mon 06-Apr-20 15:03:54


“Unfortunately the majority of mumsnet are absolutely loving all of this and would prefer it if the government nailed our front doors shut.”

LOL, you’re probably right! I’m posting this for us optimists.

Stellamboscha Mon 06-Apr-20 15:09:39

Common sense to lift lockdown but that would disappoint so many of the rabid pessimists on here

wonderstuff Mon 06-Apr-20 15:10:54

Any strategy needs to prevent the nhs being overwhelmed. You can't just send everyone back to work. Testing and isolating individuals or groups is the only way at the moment. Until we've got the new cases down and the testing capacity up we'll have to continue lock down. I think the earliest we can hope for is late May. And then people will absolutely have to get tested isolate if they develop symptoms.

TheArchSorcererofContwaraburg Mon 06-Apr-20 15:11:04

Balance? Would you be saying that if your child or loved one got this virus and died from it? It's alright because the economy and stuff, worth the sacrifice hmm

inlawsimnotsure Mon 06-Apr-20 15:11:24

You're in the wrong place OP.

I agree. But for some reason MN likes to believe that lock down will get stricter and last until September if we're lucky....

I think the Government will loosen things as soon as they can!

NoMorePoliticsPlease Mon 06-Apr-20 15:11:49

I do hope your words dont come back to bite you
Perhaps you havent seen quite what the nurses are seeing today

AvonBarksdale99 Mon 06-Apr-20 15:13:34

You only get support on here if you predict the absolute worst case scenario, 6 million deaths and full lockdown GUARANTEED to be coming soon and last till Christmas.

TheArchSorcererofContwaraburg Mon 06-Apr-20 15:13:54

It's a virus, doesn't really give a fuck about optimism or capitalism or people who are throwing their teddies out their pram because 'Waaa! I want my normal back!' No one knows how an individual will respond to it. My mate's 46-year-old son just died from it this morning, no underlying health conditions, left behind two children ages 9 and 14. But you know, peoples' lives aren't as important as this balance.

Pickles89 Mon 06-Apr-20 15:14:33

Are you willing to die for the good of the country then OP? Personally I'd rather not.

Jellycatspyjamas Mon 06-Apr-20 15:14:58

Unfortunately the majority of mumsnet are absolutely loving all of this and would prefer it if the government nailed our front doors shut.

I’m not loving it in the slightest, it’s caused havoc in my home life and brought my business to a standstill. I don’t however see things changing massively any time soon. Certainly in Scotland Nicola Sturgeon was clear that one of the concerns about closing schools is that they would need to be closed for a long period of time, I’m not expecting my kids back in school until the new academic year - not because I’m loving having to occupy them at home but because that’s the expectation that was set at the outset.

If you look elsewhere lockdown has been in place for longer than 3 weeks, why would we be different.

Tarttlet Mon 06-Apr-20 15:14:59

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

GCAcademic Mon 06-Apr-20 15:16:47

I honestly do not think Boris will stand for a longterm lockdown. He wants to get back to normality ASAP.

He didn't want a lockdown in the first place. Unfortunately diseases and pandemics have a nasty habit of not listening to what people want.

Jellycatspyjamas Mon 06-Apr-20 15:16:57

Fucking hell, it’s harsh to refer to the death of someone known to the poster as a straw man.

TheArchSorcererofContwaraburg Mon 06-Apr-20 15:17:42

It's a virus. It doesn't give a fuck about balance. Jesus wept. I'm not happy about lockdown, but you know, the bloody curve hasn't flattened. It's not about peoples' bloody feelings or economics or 'rabid pessimists'.

Stellamboscha Mon 06-Apr-20 15:19:26

Well said @Tartlet and @AvonBarksdale99

TheArchSorcererofContwaraburg Mon 06-Apr-20 15:19:32

Exactly, Jelly, peoples lives as straw men arguments.

GCAcademic Mon 06-Apr-20 15:20:12

lives will be lost either way, and that a balance needs to be found.

The balance has been found. Hundreds of people are dying from this illness every day. It could be thousands, without the lockdown. The damage on the other side is not of that magnitude.

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