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Do your partners cooperate?

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YogaLite Mon 06-Apr-20 13:42:49

I might have to LTB when this is over if I come out alive.
Mine is x-smoker and frequently coughs. Goes out daily, but refuses to use a hanky.

When in the same room, covers his mouth with hand but then touches all sorts of surfaces. When on his own in the room, doesn't even do that. When I suggested he uses hanky or tissue, says if I don't like it, I can clean up after him!
Can't isolate as stuck in 1bed flat.
Relationship beyond repair anyway but this is the last straw.

Are your partners more cooperative?

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StrangerDays Mon 06-Apr-20 13:44:54

I couldn't be with someone who can't comprehend basic hygiene, that sounds so inconsiderate.

PurpleDaisies Mon 06-Apr-20 13:46:54

Yes, dh is brilliant. We have occasional silly bickering moments but he’s kind and considerate. Yours sound horrible.

You say the relationship is beyond repair. What’s been going on? Maybe it’s a case of surviving lockdown with minimum interaction/arguing and making plans for after.

YogaLite Mon 06-Apr-20 13:51:55

Yes, starting to make plans, bullying at each and every opportunity, this just tops it, wishing me dead all the time too.

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purpleboy Mon 06-Apr-20 14:10:12

Just because we are in lockdown doesn't mean to can't leave an abusive home. Is it an option for you to leave now?

jellybean85 Mon 06-Apr-20 14:11:50

Just leave!! If you have any other option just pack up and go. Leaving abusive relationships is allowed and I would certainly
Say wishing you dead is abusive. Just go, if this is teaching us anything it's that life is short.

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