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Hot Lungs

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Hotlungs Mon 06-Apr-20 13:39:43


I had a cough at the beginning of Feb that lasted for a couple of weeks, went away and then came back with a sore throat about 14 days ago.
A week ago DD (9) came down with Covid 19 type symptoms with high temp, sore throat and cough. High temp has gone in last couple of days but she’s still coughing.
The last couple of days I’ve had an ache in my back around the lower rib area and today it feels ‘hot’ inside. I’m not having an trouble breathing and I’ve mainly stopped coughing. I generally feel fine in myself although a bit tired.
I’m also 6 weeks postpartum and breastfeeding (if that makes any difference)
Do you think there’s any need to contact 111 or my Dr?

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Hotlungs Mon 06-Apr-20 13:56:29


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fluffdeloop Mon 06-Apr-20 14:00:45

if you check the 111 online system, it will tell you to assume its covid and isolate. so just do that unless you begin to have major breathing issues and keep checking the site if you get new symptoms to check its advice.

Hotlungs Mon 06-Apr-20 14:01:47

I’ve been isolating. My first symptoms were over 12 days ago. It’s the burning in my lungs that’s concerning me and there’s nothing on the website about that

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Hotlungs Mon 06-Apr-20 14:02:23

Sorry 14 days ago

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Dhalandchips Mon 06-Apr-20 14:03:38

Watching with interest, my dd11 said she felt like her chest was burning last night.

Taffyapple8 Mon 06-Apr-20 15:35:07

Has anyone had bad sinus pain? The pain around my eyes is so intense at times and usually precedes a spoke in temperature x

Mammaaof Mon 06-Apr-20 15:39:41

There is a thread on here called burning in my lungs or my lungs are on fire there are 5 parts last time I checked all of their symptoms are burning in lungs worth a read X

CodenameVillanelle Mon 06-Apr-20 15:41:49

If you've got mild covid symptoms you don't need to contact a doctor. Just rest up and stay home unless it gets a lot worse

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