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COVID-19 and Spanish Flu 1918 - Social Actions Taken and Ignored.

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DoNotGoSoftly Mon 06-Apr-20 13:05:41

If you think that there is anyway you could be tempted to ignore social distancing and other measures anywhere in the world read on. If you know people breaking away from their social responsibilities to isolate read on and get them to watch this.

Watch the historical documentary found using the YouTube link below. The documentary is about the 1918 Spanish Flu and how different cities and states did different things. How measures failed and why and how they failed and what that cost. In many case the Spanish Flu infected and killed within 12 hours and it mutated during that one outbreak leaving millions dead.

One fact: Placing soldiers on boats , some of whom were infected, infected got off boats at destinations in India. The virus took off from there and by the time it had finished 10 million people in India were dead from it.

The USA under Trump with Corona Virus (COVID-19) is repeating ALL of the same mistakes. Whether you voted for Republicans or Democrats, love Trump or loathe him PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO.

This will be reality again if everyone does not behave as they should.

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hoodathunkit Mon 06-Apr-20 13:43:03

I have seen this documentary and it is interesting.

The so called "Spanish flu" mutated into a much more dangerous form before, as they usually do, it mutated to become less dangerous.

There are some very important differences between now and then that impact significantly on social distancing compliance.

They are

Mobile phone pings and records


DNA and RNA testing that is able to show how the virus is mutating to the degree that it is possible to determine how and when someone came into contact with the virus. For example it can be determined whether someone was infected at Cheltenham, at a particular football match etc.

If pub landlors are holding lock ins, if people are holding secret parties and get togethers, there are a whole lot of ways to identify these transgressions. They may be done retrospectively but they can be done and I envisage very serious consequences for people cynically disregarding the rules.

We don't know where this virus is taking us. It is a novel virus and the situation is changing on almost an hourly basis.

People really do need to observe the rules or face extremely serious consequences at some future time.

hoodathunkit Mon 06-Apr-20 14:19:15

Also all epidemics and pandemics can result in various unpredictable consequences.

For example in the 1918 pandemic in India resulted in corpses being abandoned in the forest where they were eaten by wild animals.

Unfortunately a leopard developed a taste for humans and long after the pandemic had ended the leopard prowled villages eating people.

The notorious man-eating leopard of Rudraprayag was eventually killed by the legendary hunter of man-eaters Jim Corbett

These days predators of a different type are likely to prowl around in cyberspace using our increasing reliance on the Internet and virtual world to commit fraud and other crimes.

Pandemics can generate all kinds of dangers and opportunities and it is, I think, prudent to be intersted in history and curious about the wider social implications of pandemics.

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