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Another childcare one!

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Beepboop22 Mon 06-Apr-20 02:26:13

Agreed with the childminders when the lockdown was announced that they could continue to claim the part-funding as they usually do but I wouldn't be paying the top up amount for childcare.
I have just recieved an email (yes at this time of the morning), asking for payment. I'm sat here in bed sick with worry as I a) can't afford it and b) am dreading discussing it with them because I cannot cope with the confrontation of it all right now. I'm hoping it was an automatic email but then again, I've never got one like it from them before.
I don't really know where I stand or what to even say, I don't want to damage the relationship with them as would ideally like child to return there eventually when they reopen.

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pocketem Mon 06-Apr-20 06:48:25

Wait, is your child actually going to the childminder? If not they shouldn't be claiming the part funding, that's fraud

Tanith Sun 12-Apr-20 09:49:28

If you mean the Early Years entitlement, it’s not fraud: they’re allowing all Early Years settings to claim it.

Unfortunately, not all our children are funded, so it may well be that they are still struggling.

However, I’d hate to think of any of my clients worrying like the Op.
If you can’t afford it, you can’t. We’ve all been asked by the Government to be flexible and reasonable - one of the reasons why we’ve been allowed to continue our claims.

Just email them and explain, no need for a discussion. I’ve had two parents who’ve done this and I’d never hold it against them. So long as I know the situation, that’s fine.

SMaCM Sun 12-Apr-20 09:58:43

If you've already agreed not to pay, I wonder why they're asking? Have they been self employed long enough to claim the government grant? If you can't pay, just tell them.

Everyone is struggling in their own ways.

My mindees parents are paying what they can afford. I won't be getting any government help.

Beepboop22 Wed 15-Apr-20 17:02:43

The funding part was to "hold her place", she's not still going to the childminders'. They've been childminders for about 12 years IIRC so they should be getting the government money. I ended up just burying my head in the sand with the email and they haven't contacted me since. I'm feeling uneasy about the whole thing as she won't be going back there now due to how long lockdown is meant to last and the time I had booked off before she started school, so she doesn't need the place holding for her.

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