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Just had a big argument in public with people I don't know about the 2 meter rule!

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naughtycat Sun 05-Apr-20 20:14:45

I went for a walk this evening. I live very centrally in a fairly large city. Went into a shop, bought cigarettes (essential) and also bought a pack for a homeless man sitting outside the shop. We ended up having a chat. I sat 2-3 meters away from him on the pavement.

Some people, who lookalike little high, came out of the shop. They all went up to homeless man, and one of them leant right down in to his face to say something to him.

Omg!! I was very concerned for him! So I said (maybe shouted) 2 meters!!! The guy looked over at me and told me to shut up! I said no, you need to stand back to 2 fucking meters! his friends told me to keep my hair on!

Anyway, they went away. The homeless man said thanks, because it keeps happening to him. Just because he's homeless people think they can come up right to his face. Also a passer by, maintaining 2 meters, said he totally agreed with me, but I should be careful and look after myself . (the people who were high did look a bit threatening!).

Anyway as a result, I've made friends with the passer by. He's got a shop round the corner from my flat (Currently closes) and I've agreed to pop in and say hello when the sanctions are lifted. And I'm also going to drop off some hot cottage pie for the homeless man tomorrow.

These people thought I was completely nutts for shouting '2 meters!' Really?! Was I?!

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BulbTherapy Sun 05-Apr-20 20:16:32

No, you weren't. People are eejits.

naughtycat Sun 05-Apr-20 20:17:27

P.s these people did look like Coronavirus is the least of their worries. They look like drug users with chaotic lives. I don't mean that in a judgmental way... I have sympathy for them....If you live in certain urban areas you will hopefully understand what I mean.

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SmileEachDay Sun 05-Apr-20 20:26:12

So you instigated a social situation. Other people joined in. You shouted 2netres. They went away. You continued to be heroic.

I live in a “certain urban area” s as nd I can totally imagine the situation.

Babyroobs Sun 05-Apr-20 20:27:18

You've probably put him just as much at risk by giving him a cigarette packet that you've touched and put the person in the shop at risk by going in to buy on essential items so you're probably just as bad as the people talking to him close up to be honest.

TabbyMumz Sun 05-Apr-20 20:28:39

Why is he sitting outside a shop, when all homeless people have been housed.

Babyroobs Sun 05-Apr-20 20:28:47

Meant to say non essential item.

naughtycat Sun 05-Apr-20 20:29:22

My bad ☹️

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user1471453601 Sun 05-Apr-20 20:30:15

My daughter is just about at the end of her tether. She is a regional manager and has to shut down her region on Monday and tuesdsy, a hugh operation for her, so she is stressed.

What is stressing her more is that she is also the chair of her local allotment committee. She has been told by L.A that members can continue to visit their allotments as long as they abide by variouse, sensible, conditions (only go to your own plot with members of your household etc).

She is spending much more time and energy on "policing" the allotment rules than she is on any thing else.

I'm in the "vulnerable" group , so she is trying v v hard to keep to the social distancing rules. She is getting more and more fucked off with people who are not following the rules.

I feel your oain

naughtycat Sun 05-Apr-20 20:31:23

He said that he hasn't been housed yet. The council are hoping to get him a hotel room in the next week.

If you are addicted to nicotine then cigarettes really are essential items.

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naughtycat Sun 05-Apr-20 20:33:52

Well thank you user. I don't think I did much wrong in terms of buying him cigarettes. I know smoking is bad.

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Babyroobs Sun 05-Apr-20 20:36:18

It's not so much about buying him the cigarettes, it's the fact that you could be infected, you've handled the packet so could have passed it on to him yet you are criticised people getting too close to him because they could have passed something onto him. Both ways of passing infection around are equally damaging I suspect.

Duchessofblandings Sun 05-Apr-20 20:38:21

Glad you got your essential cigarettes. Now you can take a fag break to relieve the stress of worrying about a fatal lung disease .......... oh

naughtycat Sun 05-Apr-20 20:39:41

I don't think it was really that bad to instigate a social situation either. Easy to say that if you live with at least one other person or are still working in some form or another. I haven't had a conversation with another human for 3 weeks!! Not even a phone call. Nor had this guy. As he explained to me, he's scared of catching the virus so is isolating himself but still needs to beg. He's spoken to his support worker twice on the phone and I've spoken to my cpn twice on the phone.

I instigated the social situation, but apart from handing over the ciggies I was 2 meters away!!

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Krazykitty Sun 05-Apr-20 20:42:10

@Duchessofblandings Wow very bitchy, really not necessary.

naughtycat Sun 05-Apr-20 20:42:15

He would have used the change people were donating to him to buy cigarettes anyway! So why don't I just buy him a pack and let him use the change he has begged for something more important?!

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ravenmum Sun 05-Apr-20 20:42:26

I agree with the passer by. If you want to be helpful, do it politely and respectfully and you won't accidentally get caught up in a fight or stabbed.

naughtycat Sun 05-Apr-20 20:45:38

I was doing it politely and respectfully. It was these other idiots that came along and were not. It happened very quickly and I realised that I had put myself in danger....which is why passerby was telling me to be careful...he was being very stern but caring towards me.

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ravenmum Sun 05-Apr-20 20:49:37

For example, say to the person in question in a friendly voice, with a smile "Don't forget the two metres". And if they do say something nasty back, don't let is escalate by swearing at them yourself. It's asking for trouble. You could have easily got yourself a beating.

Jellykat Sun 05-Apr-20 20:50:08

I say good on you naughtycat!
Poor guy still not being rehoused, and being left in such an awful vulnerable situation.. you probably made his day!
.and those druggies were being shits for no reason, fair play for calling them out on it!

Supersimkin2 Sun 05-Apr-20 20:51:50

Homeless people are 3x more likely to have lung diseases, as well as a million other diseases. He probably infected them with something, let alone corona; serve them right.

naughtycat Sun 05-Apr-20 20:53:07

Yes ravenmum you are actually right and I will try to remember that next time. I just felt really panicked and I reacted in the moment. I'm a bit like that I think. Not the calmest of people. But next time I will try to say it calmly and politely(hopefully there won't be a next time).

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CaroleBaskin Sun 05-Apr-20 20:53:38

You were and you weren't. It's a bit odd to just shout but you are right. Maybe you could have just said can you step back. I wouldn't really think about it now it's done. Very sweet of you to buy him fags.

These people do need telling. I went to Tesco earlier and got told off by someone who worked there for not following the arrows in the floor. It was a little Tesco and I hadn't noticed them. The aisle was empty. My error. However, as I was turning around the lady that had told me off stood right behind me to put something in her packing trolley thing. I could feel her breathing. I wanted to shout back saying well why the duck are you closer than two metres then but I'm working on not being a cunt in public. I did say "it's also policy to be 2m apart so can you step back please?" And she did say sorry. I don't think she meant it as she kept getting in peoples way but again, nutting her is frowned upon.

ravenmum Sun 05-Apr-20 20:54:26

I know, it's easy to get overexcited in the situation, but watch out for yourself.

eaglejulesk Sun 05-Apr-20 20:54:52

@naughtycat - well done you flowers

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