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Will we be able to shop for vulnerable family if further lockdown imposed?

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Selfisolationquery Sun 05-Apr-20 16:38:52

DH and I shop for shielding family once a week or so (obviously only one of us goes at each time) and do it at the same time as our weekly shop. We don't live local to them so have to drive a fair distance and they don't have anyone else that can do it. Will we still be able to do it if further lockdown measures are imposed? I'm so worried we won't be able to do it for them. Dad is immunocompromised and will almost definitely die if he catches it. He lives with Mum but needs a lot of physical care so even if Mum did the shopping, there is no way Dad can isolate from her. If she goes out it would be so easy for her to pass it on to him. It's all so worrying!

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PurpleDaisies Sun 05-Apr-20 16:39:29

Of course. Who else would do it?

Selfisolationquery Sun 05-Apr-20 16:43:48

@PurpleDaisies nobody else could do it sad I'm just so scared we won't be allowed because of the distance we live away from them. It's at least a 90 min round trip.

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Selfisolationquery Sun 05-Apr-20 16:44:42

And i don't know if they'd say well Mum could do it without really taking into account the fact she can't as that would be putting Dad at risk due to the inability to self isolate.

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Lumene Sun 05-Apr-20 16:45:09

Yes this would have to be allowed.

P1nkHeartLovesCake Sun 05-Apr-20 16:45:34

Yes you would be allowed to shop for the vulnerable

You might have to provide the details of the person your helping or something like that, at worse.

They are going to leave people to starve

Selfisolationquery Mon 06-Apr-20 09:12:05

Thanks, that's reassuring. I'd be happy to provide details if I was stopped and asked

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goldpartyhat Mon 06-Apr-20 09:24:21

Under the rules you are allowed to travel if it is for the care of a vulnerable person.

Selfisolationquery Mon 06-Apr-20 18:26:56

Yes currently @goldpartyhat I was just thinking ahead to if we have further restrictions such as not being allowed out to exercise, I was wondering if they'd restrict us going out to help another person too

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goldpartyhat Mon 06-Apr-20 20:02:54

I can’t see how they can stop that @Selfisolationquery They can’t leave vulnerable people to die of starvation

Wingedharpy Mon 06-Apr-20 23:33:36

@Selfisolationquery :
Agree with all PP that I'm sure you would be able to continue with supporting your shielding family if tougher restrictions were to come into place.

I just wanted to add, as a shielder myself, that it would be good for the peace of mind of you all, if you had a plan B in place.

If you and your DH were to develop symptoms, you would no longer be in a position to be able to support them.

Have a look on their local Facebook page so that you can see what is available in their area, should they need it or look on

Hopefully, you won't need it.
Good luck.

disorganisedsecretsquirrel Mon 06-Apr-20 23:38:29

Did the shielded person you shop for yet a letter from the NHS ? If so then make sure they register on the web site shown in the letter. Do this on their behalf under your email address. You will then get priority food delivery slots with all supermarkets. (Except Ocado , it seems) I received emails yesterday from Sainsbury's, Tesco's , Asda and Morrison's all with slots this week. You can also do this for them every week. A lot safer for you all.

SinisterBumFacedCat Mon 06-Apr-20 23:40:23

I’m worried because my DM is vulnerable, she is showing early signs of Alzheimer’s but this hasn’t yet been investigated by a GP and is now unlikely to be because going to and doctors is the last place I want her to go. However if I have no diagnosis how can I prove she’s vulnerable? Also as she has poor memory I end up buying little and often for her because she can’t always remember what she needs. I’m very concerned that a stricter lockdown will leave her more vulnerable.

Selfisolationquery Tue 07-Apr-20 15:38:08

@Wingedharpy I do worry about that but my sibling can also help out but they again live over a 90 min round trip from them.

They have received a letter so I'll have to look into the delivery option

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blossomwilloughby Tue 07-Apr-20 17:34:05

But other people could do it as they can register with one of the supermarkets and get deliveries. The system is by no means perfect yet but those I know who are on the vulnerable list are able to get slots.

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