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Will we be further locked down before Easter - Yes Or No

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Bearbehind Sun 05-Apr-20 15:51:22

No point in putting this in AIBU as it will be moved so unable to use the vote functionality there.

There’s loads of threads about the rights and wrongs of banning exercise or other further restrictions but th3 fact is the government could do it

I think this weekend has shown too many people are unable to do what is asked of them as they all feel their circumstances somehow exempt them and, with a 4 day weekend coming up, it’s going to be too big a risk not to apply further restrictions

So will we be further locked down before Easter - Just Yes or No

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Bearbehind Sun 05-Apr-20 15:51:27


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RandomComment Sun 05-Apr-20 15:52:27

We will be locked inside for a month like Italy before people can go out again.

EightNineTen Sun 05-Apr-20 15:52:54


Bringmewineandcake Sun 05-Apr-20 15:54:17


Iwantacookie Sun 05-Apr-20 15:56:27

Shame with all this cctv about we couldnt just identify the idiots and weld them in their homes so the rest of us can get on with social distancing.

HarrietSchulenberg Sun 05-Apr-20 15:56:41

Likely if people are not adhering to existing lockdown restrictions as Easter will make some people even more likely to risk journeys to visit relatives, even if "just to drop off Easter eggs for the kids".

CuriousCatCatcher Sun 05-Apr-20 15:57:20


Redcrayons Sun 05-Apr-20 15:57:33

Yes with further restrictions imposed.

chocolicious Sun 05-Apr-20 15:58:32


AppleKatie Sun 05-Apr-20 15:58:47

I’m not convinced they’ve got the police to do it tbh. Just like a new teacher they make themselves ridiculous if they make rules they haven’t a hope of enforcing.

Curious78 Sun 05-Apr-20 15:58:47

Yep. The weather's getting warmer, it's the only way forward sad

Chocolatedaim Sun 05-Apr-20 15:59:11

No I think it will be announced after Easter

fartyface Sun 05-Apr-20 15:59:18

The thing I dotn understand if what different it would make to be further locked down?

Im staying at home anyway with the odd trip to the supermarket. What is going to change?

daisypond Sun 05-Apr-20 15:59:23


Thekindyoufindinasecondhand Sun 05-Apr-20 15:59:36


Myfriendanxiety Sun 05-Apr-20 16:01:01

@fartyface for the vast majority of us nothing will change, apart from the walk round the bloke most of us have been taking as exercise.

For the covidiots it will mean they can’t meet friends and families for picnics at the park, or go and lie on a beach for several hours.

DartmoorChef Sun 05-Apr-20 16:01:03

Yes and rightly so.

HairyFloppins Sun 05-Apr-20 16:01:04


Collision Sun 05-Apr-20 16:02:12

Yes I hope so

pickingdaisies Sun 05-Apr-20 16:03:38

Yes. And it's infuriating, because people who just want their hour to walk or run will be penalised, but those who get together for picnics in the park will no doubt crack on until they are caught, arrested and fined. Heavily.

LeggyLinda Sun 05-Apr-20 16:03:49

No. Not before Easter. Otherwise it may lead to people treating the Easter Weekend as one final opportunity to go out and make the most of it.

fartyface Sun 05-Apr-20 16:03:50

Ah thanks.

And is this enforceable through the new legislation that just went through or would more legislation be required?

Choice4567 Sun 05-Apr-20 16:04:12

@fartyface it’ll hopefully make sure all the people currently ignoring the rules won’t be able. Loads of people are still going out and meeting up with people. If there is a strict limit on going out, hopefully people will be forced to stay inside. Then we can finally start thinking about an end to the lockdown.

PatchworkElmer Sun 05-Apr-20 16:04:15

Yes 😔

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