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How bad is it in your area

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Kimpeach22 Sun 05-Apr-20 09:33:53

Just wondering how bad the virus is where you live.

I am in the PR7 preston area and I know of 13 deaths in the hospital near me.

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MangoesAreMyFavourite Sun 05-Apr-20 10:12:23

Around 500 people confirmed positive. No idea how many died.

MangoesAreMyFavourite Sun 05-Apr-20 10:12:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TiddyTid Sun 05-Apr-20 10:16:27

Nearest hospital Ipswich - 14 deaths there so far. Not sure about care homes etc. I'm sure this figure will rise now all the idiots have come up to their second homes this weekend

THATscurryfungeBITCH Sun 05-Apr-20 10:16:30

21+ deaths in our local hospital

Bornfreebutincovidchains Sun 05-Apr-20 10:16:52

I don't know how do we check

HPandTheNeverEndingBedtime Sun 05-Apr-20 10:17:26

12 deaths in local hospital in Norfolk

Toilenstripes Sun 05-Apr-20 10:18:35

35 deaths in Oxfordshire, up by 10 since Thursday.

daisypond Sun 05-Apr-20 10:19:03

Horrendous. I’m in the worst London hotspot.

Windyatthebeach Sun 05-Apr-20 10:19:09

23 cases in my area. No deaths.

middleager Sun 05-Apr-20 10:19:56

Birminham/Black Country. 470 deaths. largest hotspot outside London.

1 in 3 deaths yesterday attributed to Birmingham and the Black Country (I live in between both areas).

The Midlands' 212 deaths confirmed on Saturday was far more than London where 127 were confirmed.

MrsBungle Sun 05-Apr-20 10:20:19

39 in the city and 27 in the county where I live sad over 700 more cases locally in the 24 hour period to Friday.

middleager Sun 05-Apr-20 10:21:20

Lifting from this article. I started a thread yesterday as to why the region's figures are so high.

MsAwesomeDragon Sun 05-Apr-20 10:23:28

I'm in Cumbria, and 2 days ago there had been 70 deaths in the county. I assume there will have been more by now but can't find the latest figures. Considering that we're not a hugely populous county, we seem to be quite badly hit by this.

daisypond Sun 05-Apr-20 10:25:02

Remember, the figures released relate to the day deaths are reported, not the day people actually died. They are perhaps a week out of synch. From the Guardian:
“However NHS England figures – which currently make up the bulk of UK deaths – in fact reflect the day on which the death was reported, not the actual date of death, which is usually days, sometimes weeks, before it appears in the figures.”

ToTheVetsWeGo Sun 05-Apr-20 10:28:21

I think about 160 cases, not sure how many deaths but one I know personally.

Bluebellbike Sun 05-Apr-20 10:29:23

193 confirmed cases up to today. No deaths. 16 discharged from hospital to recover at home. Population of our town 139,000 but only one hospital which has a catchment area far outside the town.

pocketem Sun 05-Apr-20 10:31:41

You can look up how bad it is each regions on the govt website, no need to ask random mumsnetters

wonderstuff Sun 05-Apr-20 10:34:41

Hampshire, we are in top three worst hit local authorities. Very well connected transport wise so I imagine lots of spread. I don't know anyone personally who has been tested, but I'm sure I had it mildly a week ago. Really feel for friends working in the nhs. They are currently building a field hospital in Basingstoke. I do think people here are taking the social distancing seriously. Hope things will get better soon.

WanderingMilly Sun 05-Apr-20 10:34:42

Currently only 6 in this small county...very, very rural.....

BearSoFair Sun 05-Apr-20 10:43:46

Just over 300 confirmed cases in our borough (East London), not sure on deaths. High st is mentioned most days on Twitter (I search town name daily to keep updated on local news etc) as an example of people ignoring social distancing so expecting it to get worse, sadly.

tonglong Sun 05-Apr-20 10:45:32

In Essex

Partner works on ward of 20 people and has had 8 die. These are elderly people with psychiatric issues who don't appear frail.

Loads more in the rest of the hospital.

Last week staff only allowed ppe if a doctor suspected a case. The doctors had full
Ppe on all day and wouldn't confirm a case so everyone else could have ppe.

GreyGardens88 Sun 05-Apr-20 10:45:35

West London, zone 2, probably one of the worst in the country

TowerRingInferno Sun 05-Apr-20 10:50:06

We live on the border of 5 counties (Midlands). 500 ish cases in 2 of these, 600 in the third.

TowerRingInferno Sun 05-Apr-20 10:50:22

3 counties not 5

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