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Do you think lockdown will end next week?

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spinthebottle Sat 04-Apr-20 18:31:17

just musing really, my DP is adamant it will end next week

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Parkandride Sat 04-Apr-20 18:31:54

Lol no

Chemenger Sat 04-Apr-20 18:31:56

No, no signs of that being a possibility

BoswellsBollocks Sat 04-Apr-20 18:31:59

No chance.

OurChristmasMiracle Sat 04-Apr-20 18:32:00


Hedgehogblues Sat 04-Apr-20 18:32:12

Not a chance

FaithInfinity Sat 04-Apr-20 18:32:44

No chance. We’re likely to peak in many areas in the next two weeks (certainly that’s being predicted in my area).

Muchtoomuchtodo Sat 04-Apr-20 18:32:46


cookielove Sat 04-Apr-20 18:32:50

I wish! But no

Mumof2202022 Sat 04-Apr-20 18:33:28


LuckyLuckyWoman Sat 04-Apr-20 18:33:39

not a chance imo

JollyHostess Sat 04-Apr-20 18:33:54

At least another 3 weeks after this first 3 week period.

SomeoneElseEntirelyNow Sat 04-Apr-20 18:34:21


NeverGuessWho Sat 04-Apr-20 18:34:28

Why does he think that?
What are your thoughts, OP?
Which restrictions does he think will be lifted?
If they end lock down next week, there will be a huge increase in new infections, just as we’re reaching the peak of Corona patients being admitted to hospital, IMHO.

woollylizard Sat 04-Apr-20 18:34:31

Is he on glue?! No. No. No.

pigsDOfly Sat 04-Apr-20 18:34:58

Absolutely not.

It's being reviewed after a 3 week period, not ended.

The virus hasn't peaked here yet so it's more likely the restrictions will be increased if deaths keep rising rather than ended.

LuckyLuckyWoman Sat 04-Apr-20 18:35:04

following on from this, when do you think the government will announce the extension?

ThanosSavedMe Sat 04-Apr-20 18:35:15

Well if the powers that be decide to go back to the original plan of thousands dying then yes but I think they decided that wasn’t a good plan. So no

WaktiWapnasi Sat 04-Apr-20 18:36:05

Nopity nope. Not a hope.

Moo7878 Sat 04-Apr-20 18:36:41

I personally think we have another 8 weeks of this at least and I don't think schools will be back until at least the autumn term

spinthebottle Sat 04-Apr-20 18:37:24

@LuckyLuckyWoman I’m not sure! Possibly Sunday? I’m sure my DP is the only person that thinks it will end next week!

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LeggyLinda Sat 04-Apr-20 18:38:14

Yes. In practical terms anyway.
Officially, it will probably get extended. But so many people have interpreted the lockdown as a 3 week period that it will become even more difficult to enforce.

MrsJakeLovell Sat 04-Apr-20 18:38:28

Absolutely not - just spoke with someone who has had to clear our their place of work as it is being changed to a field hospital and they were told they would be out for at least 6 months...

Chrisinthemorning Sat 04-Apr-20 18:38:35

No. Peak starts next week and will last 6-8 weeks. Lockdown will end when we start going down the other side of the curve.

CoronaIsComing Sat 04-Apr-20 18:38:50

Not a chance!

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