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People demanding a full lock down

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Londongirl88888 Sat 04-Apr-20 16:05:11

It really really annoys me! Most of us are following rules. Not even going for a walk most days. People are kicking off on my local corna page that theres more cars in town today. So they now think we need a full lock down.

Firstly it's the weekend. More people will be shopping due to being at work all week? People might be shopping for other family and dropping it off.

Theres a police statement that the a52 is really quiet and they are saying well done for listening.

People are allowed out for walks. It's important for dogs, children and adults to get air and move around. It should be one walk a day. It can't be controlled if 400 people choose to do just that between 1-2pm or only 30 do. So yes the streets may sometimes show more people. But most of them are probably just going for a walk. The only thing we have left for our minds and health.

I'm not talking about people having picnics,
Travelling for an afternoon walk somewhere,
Sneaking to see family unless they need help.

I'm saying the majority of people are going to be doing the decent thing.

I think rather than fully locking us down fine the minority sat in groups and doing the "wrong" things. Give them a full lockdown but don't punish the many decent people.

The parents/people in flats without gardens need to walk

Young children need to move.

We all need to move about.

Also i wish people would stop getting in a rage about cars being out. There are no online shopping slots. So thousands of locals will need to go out for food each week. Milk and bread etc will need buying for many every few days. Pet food needs buying. Prescriptions need collecting. Workers need to go to and from work.

A huge majority of people are following the rules. I'm sick of everyone being put into the same category. My kids have gone for their 3rd walk in two weeks just now with their dad. I'm sure people will be tutting and presuming we are another family out and not listening. They need to get out for 15 minutes today though. They are starting to climb the walls and get bored.

Far too many irate people at the moment.

LoisLittsLover Sat 04-Apr-20 16:07:50

Milk and bread do not need to be purchased every few days. They are not essentials

PristineCondition Sat 04-Apr-20 16:09:41

They are for me @LoisLittsLover my son can chew so lives of shakes made with milk.

PristineCondition Sat 04-Apr-20 16:09:54


Londongirl88888 Sat 04-Apr-20 16:09:58

Ofcourse they are essentials. Breakfast for children. Sandwiches for lunch. Milk for cereal, cooking, drinks. Toddlers need milk.

They are essentials in my house and to everyone I know!

LavenderQuartz Sat 04-Apr-20 16:11:31

sorry but i believe we do need further lockdown.....just because you aren't seeing it doesn't mean its not happening

where i work whole families are coming into the car park,geting out and wandering over and are most put out and abusive when told we are closed!!!

we are only there for essential goods!!

Aramox Sat 04-Apr-20 16:11:41

Of course milk and bread are essentials! Some people seem to be in the misery Olympics.

gamerchick Sat 04-Apr-20 16:12:09

I agree. After reading the challenging coughing dude in supermarket thread, people can't be trusted.

PickleSarnie Sat 04-Apr-20 16:12:49

On what planet are bread and milk not considered essentials? It's hardly caviar and champagne.

LavenderQuartz Sat 04-Apr-20 16:13:24

desirable but essential?? if they are hungry they eat what they are given!! not all kids have dietary issues, some do, some are just used to getting their own way and will have a tantrum if they dont get what they fancy!

Sounsociable Sat 04-Apr-20 16:13:43

We eat a fair amount of bread and milk but both are agreeable and you can (hopefully now) get UHT milk so not impossible to get a week or more supply at once.

Sounsociable Sat 04-Apr-20 16:14:05

Agreeable = freezable!

DuchessOfBeddington Sat 04-Apr-20 16:14:48

Milk and bread do not need to be purchased every few days. They are not essentials

Yes they are. Bread is my main source of carbs so it’s essential to me. Children may get most of their calcium from milk. Food is still essential.

thecatschampagne Sat 04-Apr-20 16:16:04

@LoisLittsLover what* are* we allowed to purchase then, pray tell? Or shall I just lick the dust from my hoover nozzle to sustain me?

Fuck me, people have lost it.

Kittykat93 Sat 04-Apr-20 16:16:54

If it was just me alone then no milk and bread wouldn't be essential. But I'm not having my 2 year old go without his milk so I deem it as essential!

Ciwirocks Sat 04-Apr-20 16:17:30

The rate of new infections is slowing, they have already said the nightingale hospital might not be needed as soon as they originally thought so things seem manageable now. I wouldn’t have thought there was a need to tighten things further unless that changes.

noblegiraffe Sat 04-Apr-20 16:18:36

There are some people who won’t be satisfied until everyone is confined to their own individual cardboard box, kept in place by lasers and carefully measured to be 2m apart.

‘Close the schools!’
‘Stop large gatherings!’
‘We want a lockdown!’
‘Not that, a proper lockdown!’

Every time something is done, it isn’t enough.

LavenderQuartz Sat 04-Apr-20 16:18:50

manageable? not if you live in Watford today!

Londongirl88888 Sat 04-Apr-20 16:20:12

I'm just feeling really irritated today for all the decent people doing the right things.

A total lockdown will be awful for many people. Not even having a couple of walks a week. Spending that much time inside to lay the price of other jerks not listening.

Nobody can presume more cars mean anything today. Theres nowhere open for people to sneak a day out. So people who are breaking the rules are sneaking to meet people or taking the family into the countryside etc. They should be fined.

We get through 4 pints of milk every 2-3 days in this house and bread loaves 2-3 a week. It doesn't keep long enough therefore people will be popping out for these things and extra fruit, veg etc. It's very easy to point the finger.

I agree that two parents should not shop together. But sometimes kids will have to go with single parents.

We've got to consider all positives and negatives to a full lock down. I think fining people will be better. Police should be patrolling and driving around parks, beaches, river walks and fields.

I still think a huge majority are taking this seriously and only walk to keep sane and let the kids get some air.

When you think how much is a child's life has changed in the last couple of weeks. a little walk they go on to spot rainbows or just get some fresh air is a way to reassure them in my opinion. I took my daughter for a walk on Tuesday and showed her some rainbows. We were the only people out as it was 8:30 in the morning. It just made her mood lift I could tell when we got home she felt better for going out for a little while. I don't want my kids to be punished because of idiots not listening they've already lost enough of their lives.

ilovecakeandwine Sat 04-Apr-20 16:20:30

So these people that are seeing more cars on the road how are they seeing these extra cars are they also out ?
Ok so the lockdown is enforced further people will still be able to go to food shops.
The lockdown is working most people are staying home and going out only when necessary. Ok the odd idiot but the police are often taking pictures of the quiet roads to say that people are staying home.
I'm not sure what difference a increased lockdown will make as it will be the same anyway .

Kab30 Sat 04-Apr-20 16:21:08

Come on guys....wheres the love xx Whats essential for you might not be for someone else ...I agree with OP ...who am i to judge ...I dont know if people have been out for one hour or five hours one knows what other people have on etc...just keep social distancing and making sure you snd your lot are doing the right thing guilty concience then ....keep safe everyone .....God and I got a 4 year old lmao

Prepenultimate Sat 04-Apr-20 16:23:39

Lockdown isn't a punishment. Any potential further restrictions would not be a punishment. They are instructions for our benefit.

TheMotherofAllDilemmas Sat 04-Apr-20 16:23:50

I had someone coughing by my hedge constantly for a minute or so.

I have had runners passing me half a metre away even when there is plenty of space around and there are still people driving to nice places to walk putting in danger smaller communities. I don’t care if my dog, my child or myself would prefer to be indulging in our regular weekly walks to the hills or the coast, we need a proper lockdown, the current very soft version of it is not fit for purpose.

If I am told we are going to be clapping for the NHS again this week I am going to scream. The best way to appreciate their huge effort and sacrifices by staying at home.

FatAlbert Sat 04-Apr-20 16:24:35

It’s not enough because too many people are assuming they are above the new rules.

I live in the countryside, it’s been a quiet week. Now it’s weekend local beauty spots are bursting at the seams with people going for walks, leaving their litter and dog poo around.

Farmers are worried about the spread of virus via gates.
We’ve left notices up to remind people not to drive miles to have their daily exercise.

I’m not suggesting full lockdown, but what needs to happen before arrogant, ignorant people listen?

Bringonspring Sat 04-Apr-20 16:25:18

Well I went for a run at 5.30 this morning AND then took my children out for a walk at lunch time

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