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What are your thoughts on China ?

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Wetfloortiles Sat 04-Apr-20 10:29:27

Very interested in this.

I don't believe their numbers for a start, and I do feel they should take responsibility for this global pandemic.

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SmileEachDay Sat 04-Apr-20 10:30:41

take responsibility

In what way?

bellinisurge Sat 04-Apr-20 10:32:04

I understand you are angry at China for all this. But focus your energy on keeping well. If you must criticise anyone- look at the total fuck up Trump is making of this.

NonUrinatInVentum Sat 04-Apr-20 10:32:30

hmm yes let's start pointing fingers, that's always ended very well historically.

Also please ignore the fact that they sent medical supplies and doctors to the worst hit countries. That doesn't fit in your racist paradigm.

Wetfloortiles Sat 04-Apr-20 10:33:42

Racist?!?!? Wtf!!!!!!

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Wetfloortiles Sat 04-Apr-20 10:35:18

Responsibility for the practice of wet markets and making sure they are closed down I mean. If that's definitely where it came from of course

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KeepYourselfGrounded Sat 04-Apr-20 10:35:39

Of course they should take responsibility.

@SmileEachDay Live wildlife markets? Appalling record on human rights?
Savage, oppressive governance, if you can call it that!

KeepYourselfGrounded Sat 04-Apr-20 10:36:32

To the poster calling @Wetfloortiles racist-get a fucking grip!

MangoFeverDream Sat 04-Apr-20 10:37:25

The people of Wuhan are victims of their government, like everyone else around the globe; please read this sad WaPo article:

MangoFeverDream Sat 04-Apr-20 10:39:18

If you must criticise anyone- look at the total fuck up Trump is making of this

🙄 what did Trump do to affect the situation in the UK? Why are you pointing fingers abroad, and not at the government who actually allowed it to spread worldwide?

EthelMayFergus Sat 04-Apr-20 10:41:12

'Racist'? This is why nothing gets done, nothing changes. I hope the Chinese government are held to account for this. And I feel very sorry for the doctor who tried to warn the world when he realised he was dealing with a new virus that we don't have immunity from. He shouldn't have been punished, may he RIP.

Wetfloortiles Sat 04-Apr-20 10:42:28

@MangoFeverDream how sad sad

I still can't believe I've been called racist. I actually think it's hilarious!!!!!

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EvilPea Sat 04-Apr-20 10:43:18

I know some parts of China have now banned dog and cat meat. I really really hope they now ban the wet markets, it’s abhorrent. Their whole wildlife attitude is abhorrent, the tigers and rhino horn medicine market is certainly not helping their survival.

SmileEachDay Sat 04-Apr-20 10:45:39

Live wildlife markets? Appalling record on human rights
Savage, oppressive governance, if you can call it that!

Ok. What would taking responsibility look like?

I agree with what you’re saying. I think it’s unlikely that a nation with such entrenched views is going to suddenly “take responsibility” and change entirely. China is a massive and varied place - different regions have huge differences between them.

I just think “China should take responsibility” is a bit meaningless 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ferfooksek Sat 04-Apr-20 10:46:05

I don’t believe anything the Chinese government say. They clearly lied about their figures for a start

GreyGardens88 Sat 04-Apr-20 10:47:09

They need to implement a serious public education programme to teach the population about hygiene, what to eat and what not to eat, and cooking and storing food properly.

Hannah021 Sat 04-Apr-20 10:47:35

Trump had stolen a berlin order for the US
this dickhead is getting away with too much... As if the lives of americans is more important than other nations... And other american businesses outbidding EU governments by paying 3times the asked price to push everyone to an edge.

chickedeee Sat 04-Apr-20 10:47:51

And so the blaming begins.....sad

KeepYourselfGrounded Sat 04-Apr-20 10:48:03

@Wetfloortiles don't worry. Only an ignorant, entitled person - who cannot ven string a sentence together relating to urgent global affairs - pulls the race card!

You're not racist for saying China should be made accountable. I agree with you. The entire government should be brought in front of The Hague.

KeepYourselfGrounded Sat 04-Apr-20 10:48:56

@SmileEachDay see above. Cross posted.

KeepYourselfGrounded Sat 04-Apr-20 10:50:17

@GreyGardens88 they need to stop disgusting live animal markets. Boiling and skinning animals alive in front of each other.

SmileEachDay Sat 04-Apr-20 10:51:09

Only an ignorant, entitled person - who cannot ven string a sentence together relating to urgent global affairs - pulls the race card!

I mean, your sentence is grammatically challenged to be honest.,,,

The Hague? Interesting. Which other governments also need similar treatment?

chickedeee Sat 04-Apr-20 10:52:11

Not pulling the race card hmm

Why the need to 'blame'?

YetAnotherSpartacus Sat 04-Apr-20 10:52:56

Wet markets anywhere are disgusting.

I believe that the Chinese authorities lied about numbers.

Chinese governments have long been guilty of Human Rights abuses.

If I ruled the world:

I'd create a Charter of Animal Rights and I'd find some international law to charge the Chinese government with and/or create new International Laws to make it mandatory to report global public health concerns.

Cornettoninja Sat 04-Apr-20 11:00:38

China do need to own the situation and acknowledge their part in how this was allowed to spread. I also think that their numbers are incorrect but accept that as they were the first to recognise a new virus they will have had many cases before they even knew what they were looking for or how to test. It’s hard to trust what data they provide which is unhelpful right now.

I would like to see an economic package for countries that identify outbreaks with the potential to turn into pandemics so that countries are not so reluctant to take measures that will affect their economies. Surely that’s cheaper than what we currently have going on!

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