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Worried About Coronavirus- thread 36

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TheStarryNight Fri 03-Apr-20 17:17:58

New thread

AliciaWhiskers Fri 03-Apr-20 17:20:38

Thanks for the new thread

TheCanterburyWhales Fri 03-Apr-20 17:23:21


BeyondMymymymyCorona Fri 03-Apr-20 17:24:11

Thanks starry ⭐️

CharlieTangoBanana Fri 03-Apr-20 17:27:21

Thank you starry

middleager Fri 03-Apr-20 17:29:50


refraction Fri 03-Apr-20 17:50:41


Alwayscheerful Fri 03-Apr-20 17:52:45

Checking in

OldQueen1969 Fri 03-Apr-20 17:53:05

Thanks from me too smile

Just watching the daily briefing - another advisory that mask wearing makes no difference to protection of the gen pop while observing social distancing.... apparently this is based on a scientific study. BUT given that the way the virus spreads is not an exact science, surely throwing everything at it isn't a bad thing? Why not just say if you already have masks and it makes you feel better when shopping crack on? Obviously with PPE being in short supply frontline workers are now a priority, but those of us who acquired masks before the whole thing kicked off shouldn't be made to feel almost as though it's bad to wear them? I've already been sneered at as though I'm being precious when out, while dealing with my terminally ill shielded mother - today, for the first time in a fortnight, the district nurses who came to do her drain had masks. Am so glad they are now wearing them as they are vulnerable due to the number of homes they have to visit. I know it sounds a bit picky, but it really seems that one can't do right for doing wrong no matter which precautions one takes alongside lockdown and social distancing. Masks seem like common sense to me.

refraction Fri 03-Apr-20 18:01:35

Hancock denying that he said we may peak on Easter Sunday.

What a weapon he is.

Randomschoolworker19 Fri 03-Apr-20 18:01:52

I'm pretty sure the whole 'masks' aren't effective idea was just to stop people panic buying them because the NHS needs them.

The same how we were going for herd immunity and then we suddenly weren't....

SansaSnark Fri 03-Apr-20 18:33:57

There were definitely a few outright lies in there. I think the masks thing is definitely because there is a shortage. I think it's clear they stop you spreading the virus to others, but may do less to protect you from others unless it's the right mask and fitted well.

I thought it was very interesting he didn't just give a straight answer when he was asked "Can people go for a picnic at the weekend?" . I feel like some people will interpret what he said as permission.

OhDearWhyAmIFatterly Fri 03-Apr-20 18:36:37

Is there another thread where all the people are from threads 1-5?
I was on the early ones and lots of the regulars from them seem to missing from the newer threads?...

mrshoho Fri 03-Apr-20 18:39:31

New York City Mayor has taken action against the private hospitals in requisitioning their equipment.

pocketem Fri 03-Apr-20 18:49:18

Another lie at the press conference today when they claimed the data showed Britons were sticking to the lockdown as well as other countries

FT showed it was not true

Randomschoolworker19 Fri 03-Apr-20 18:56:01


I'm not surprised at all really. I still have to commute to work and there are still loads of people out and about.

Saucery Fri 03-Apr-20 19:06:07

Much busier on the roads today, although still quiet on the pavements and paths. Surely they can’t all be going to the supermarkets?
House renovation going on across the road. At least 2 different utilities visiting, with either nothing or just a scarf wrapped round their face. Then 3 men digging up front garden, no protection at all, crowded together. This is how it’s being spread ffs, why are people still not taking it seriously? One was British Gas.

SansaSnark Fri 03-Apr-20 19:09:26

Tbf the rules in the UK about parks and things are different to Spain and Italy. Given how we are tracking them, things should perhaps be tightened up a bit, though.

I agree that today it felt like there were lots of people out and about, and more driving than usual.

However, when a lot of people are still being asked to go to work (because they can't work at home, even if there work isn't essential), it's hard to ask them to stay inside all the time during their time off. I think the rules on working need to be tightened up first.

Saucery Fri 03-Apr-20 19:12:43

I don’t mean to sound like a CoronaBusyBody and I wouldn’t report them to anyone (who to, anyway?) but it’s like they didn’t get the memo. About the deaths, the ice rink morgues, the Nightingale units......
To do up a fucking house? That could wait, like all the other houses I know of where the building firms have stopped because they can’t function properly keeping the required distance. And these twats are going to be in the supermarkets this week and next, or their family members are and someone who can’t fight it off may get it, because they can’t follow a simple instruction. So angry.

NettleTea Fri 03-Apr-20 19:18:23

with Mittens scary post Im just going to add this system - its taught to CF patients and is a gentle way of clearing mucus deep in chest

or look at other videos under autogenic drainage.

once the bottom of the lungs start filling they mess with oxygen as thats where the alveoli are. practice it now while you can

Eeyoresstickhouse Fri 03-Apr-20 19:20:57

We have had a builder (lone working) in this week. We live in a flat and this work is safety structural work that needed to be done as a matter of urgency to stop a part of the building collapsing. We have practiced social distancing with the builder at all times! Another flat owner had a moan as she was at home and didn't want the noise. The builder turned round and said you will have more noise if this bay window collapses!

I count this work as essential. If it's just an extension work that is not for safety reasons then that should be stopped.

We have also had some workman out changing the telegraph poles this week! That doesn't seem essential work to me.

WhyNotMe40 Fri 03-Apr-20 19:21:39

The parks thing is due to the allowed out for exercise though surely? It doesn't mean that people are any closer to each other than someone walking down the pavement to the shops alongside my garden....
Although I decided to stop going for runs last night when I got surprised by someone coming out of a hidden gate straight onto the pavement about 30 cm in front of me. I almost fell over him!

SansaSnark Fri 03-Apr-20 19:22:30

To be honest, I think all non-essential work, including construction needs to stop.

Fair enough if someone needs some emergency work done, or current large projects need to be made safe, but mixing at work must still be the biggest problem for a lot of people who can't work from home, but aren't essential workers right now.

SansaSnark Fri 03-Apr-20 19:24:20

@NettleTea Unfortunately that link doesn't work for me. I'd be interested to see it, as I do live alone and I am worried about deteriorating suddenly!

woodencoffeetable Fri 03-Apr-20 19:26:21

@NettleTea unfortunately the link doesn't seem to work. but I will look it up. thank you

and also revise the exercises I had to do as child following pneumonia to strengthen the diaphragm.

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