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Is Chris Whitty ok?

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MummyNeedsWineNow Thu 02-Apr-20 17:22:21

Just that.

I've googled and found nothing.

Hope he's ok

He strikes me as a lovely, normal man, suddenly thrust into the limelight and now facing this awful illness.

Wishing you a speedy recovery Chris Whitty.

Rinsefirst Thu 02-Apr-20 17:23:47

Me, too.

NeverTwerkNaked Thu 02-Apr-20 17:24:47

I was wondering too

Kitchendoctor Thu 02-Apr-20 17:27:17

I was worried about him too.
He seems like a very intelligent, knowledgable, rational, sensible man.

Wakeupsunshine Thu 02-Apr-20 17:27:43

Yes no news on him. I wonder if he has a family.

Strawberrypancakes Thu 02-Apr-20 17:28:55

He’s been trolled something terrible on social media. I really feel for him.

Cornettoninja Thu 02-Apr-20 17:30:06

I hope he’s okay too, not just on a human level but he holds so much experience and knowledge it would be a particularly brutal loss right now.

(Although his sci-fi esq health announcement scared the shit out of my elderly father and I!)

Cornettoninja Thu 02-Apr-20 17:30:33

Really @Strawberrypancakes? Why?

justasking111 Thu 02-Apr-20 17:32:25

I think he will reappear when he is cleared for business. He seems a lovely man.

Makeitgoaway Thu 02-Apr-20 17:32:38

I was shocked to hear some of thing people said elsewhere as "we" are so fond of him here.

Yes, I think it's concerning that there have been no updates I hope he's OK too.

LavenderQuartz Thu 02-Apr-20 17:34:04

@Strawberrypancakes i saw some social media stuff, horrible!

hope he's ok too

daisydalrymple Thu 02-Apr-20 17:35:10

I’ve seen pics of him on fb comparing him to characters I didn’t recognise. It didn’t look particularly kind so I didn’t pay it much attention. Is it this kind of thing you mean strawberry?
People are brutal even at times like these.

Sparky87 Thu 02-Apr-20 17:36:32

I hope he’s ok too.

Catzpyjamas Thu 02-Apr-20 17:36:43

He's been on Twitter today

nitgel Thu 02-Apr-20 17:37:16

He's just posted on twitter.

Read about him on wiki he's an interesting person. I really respect him.

ByAppointmentTo Thu 02-Apr-20 17:38:28

I hope he's ok. I have been very impressed with both him and particularly Jenny Harries.

grafittiartist Thu 02-Apr-20 17:39:30

I find him very reassuring.
I have often wished that he was in charge rather than Boris!

StealthPolarBear Thu 02-Apr-20 17:41:21

Glad he's been active today. He has been out of the public eye a while.

Strawberrypancakes Thu 02-Apr-20 17:44:10

Really nasty stuff about his appearance, his voice etc. It’s disgusting.

DishingOutDone Thu 02-Apr-20 17:45:32

He doesn't write his own posts so not sure that's any proof he is well?

HopeGrace Thu 02-Apr-20 17:48:07

Yep I really hope he is well. I find something really likeable and reassuring about him.

butterpuffed Thu 02-Apr-20 17:53:20

How do you know that, Dishing ?

StationView Thu 02-Apr-20 17:54:58

He was the subject of the Profile series on R4 a few weeks ago. Really interesting if you can find it on BBC Sounds, and only about 15 minutes long. He's had some difficult times in his life.

rc22 Thu 02-Apr-20 17:56:15

I hope he's ok. I love Jenny Harries. She's like a lovely, "firm but fair" mum!!

Wakeupsunshine Thu 02-Apr-20 17:58:14

Why doesn’t he write his own posts?

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