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I was so sad after going to the supermarket today

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naughtycat Thu 02-Apr-20 00:48:55

I left my flat for the first time in 2 weeks. I live alone in a 2nd floor flat. I was quite happy on my own here in solitude! . I only went out because I had to pick up a prescription from the chemist. I don't eat much so food isn't really an issue for me. I just thought it would be okay to pop in to Lidl to get a couple of things...non essential.....including wine, cider, crunchy nut cornflakes, mars bars, broccoli, eggs.

I was literally 'Marked' by another customer who was making a song and dance about the 2 metres thing. It was not possible to do it in Lidl today!! People were being careful ....but it was not possible.

This guy (with his latex gloves and his stupid flimsy amazon mask ) made me feel so shit about myself.

I've stayed home for 2 weeks with zero human interaction I've never felt so calm and relaxed. Go out for the first time and immediately humans piss me right off.

People keep saying that is humans are sociable animals and we are not designed for isolation.

Well f@@k me I must be some kind of alien or something. I've been happy as Larry on my own for 2 trip to Lidl, having to interact with other humans and I feel so low and sad!!

Surely there are other solitary human creatures like me out there?!

Pipandmum Thu 02-Apr-20 00:52:27

I'm quote happy with my own company. But that other shopper was a jerk. I went to the local Sainsbury's the other day and unless they only allow two people in at a time it is impossible to keep 2m apart and go down the aisles. You do your best.

WorraLiberty Thu 02-Apr-20 00:52:33

Were you self isolating for a reason?

Even if you were, what exactly is 'stupid' about gloves and masks?

WorraLiberty Thu 02-Apr-20 00:55:46

And in case you hadn't realised, we are in lockdown which means not shopping for non essential items confused

If you're feeling 'so sad' to the point you need to start an internet thread about it, why not try sticking to the rules?

AutumnRose1 Thu 02-Apr-20 01:00:35

I’m a solitary soul
Have managed to avoid supermarket so far but will have to go at some point. Hope people aren’t mad.

AutumnRose1 Thu 02-Apr-20 01:01:59

Oh and careful OP

Lots of shopping basket police on MN

When I go, I’m sure I’ll get some biscuits.

browzingss Thu 02-Apr-20 01:02:46

I was literally 'Marked' by another customer

What does this mean exactly? What did he say/do?

pisspants Thu 02-Apr-20 01:04:18

sorry to hear that op. I found it was people wearing masks the other day who were being the most obnoxious when I went to the supermarket this week too. They seemed to have an "I'm alright Jack" attitude and were the ones breaching my personal space.
You have not done anything wrong and if you need to go to the supermarket then you need to go.

PepePig Thu 02-Apr-20 01:04:46

Worra, give over. At least OP stays out of the bloody shops for weeks at a time. I won't deny her a small shop of treats. You sound like a delight yet you're probably out more than her, therefore you can't bloody talk 😂.

Kyliesgoldshorts Thu 02-Apr-20 01:06:36

I think although the op never bought items that were essential to her today she was going out anyway and picked up things she would need to avoid a secondary trip out in a few days time.
I agree with her. I’m quite enjoying being at home. I have had to go out though as I’ve two children and I’ve went in my own to pick up food and a prescription also. I’ve spent more time with my children than I have in ages. I’ve been needing this. Only downside is no work/ no income I’m self employed but hey ho I have some money coming in by my partner but we will manage.

browzingss Thu 02-Apr-20 01:11:27

I haven’t been shopping much but have been able to be in/out as quickly as possible without anyone being near me. Everyone has been keeping their distance or grabbing their items rapidly so not lingering next to you.

Did have a woman stand right next to me in an aisle last week which really pissed me off, she was literally arm to arm/touching distance and didn’t notice my glares. I walked off and waited for her to leave. Absolutely no concept of personal space.

browzingss Thu 02-Apr-20 01:11:38

Let alone social distancing

SleepingStandingUp Thu 02-Apr-20 01:21:02

Worra"what ARE people allowed to buy? Tea and coffee isn't essential, drink water. We only really need a couple of varieties of fruit and vegetables and perhaps potatoes, beans, pasta and pork /quorn? That should be enough to keep us all alive. Shops should just throw any drinks, any confectionary, any desserts into lockup / the bin. No yoghurt etc, perhaps some mild cheese for calcium. So milk is perhaps the only permissable liquid to purchase. All books, dvds, toys also to be removed from the aisle.

JosephineKarlsson Thu 02-Apr-20 01:24:36

And in case you hadn't realised, we are in lockdown which means not shopping for non essential items

OP was getting eggs and broccoli so might as well pick up a few treats. Bet you have done Worra

TheJoyofBeingSingle Thu 02-Apr-20 01:29:31

This is England: TEA IS ESSENTIAL.

ViciousJackdaw Thu 02-Apr-20 01:36:32

Tea and coffee isn't essential, drink water

Will I fuck. A decent cup of tea is a basic human right.

naughtycat Thu 02-Apr-20 01:41:13

Thank you



You understand

naughtycat Thu 02-Apr-20 01:42:31

Thank you

Pisspants and pepepig 😂

theschoolonthehill Thu 02-Apr-20 01:44:49

....we are in lockdown which means not shopping for non essential items

Where is this stated in relation to grocery shopping? Who defines 'essential'? I took non essential items to mean fashion, shoes etc (although shoes may well be essential if e.g. your child has outgrown their current size). Other than ingredients for main meals, the majority of my grocery trolley consists of non essential items including chocolate, biscuits, body lotion and the like. I really think you are misinterpreting non essential items to mean only the basic necessities. If that was the actual case, the supermarket wouldn't stock anything other than flour, butter, milk, rice or pasta and vegetables.

naughtycat Thu 02-Apr-20 01:45:18


Thank it's like if you ever played netball when you were at school. Your opponents job is to always be around you trying to block your ways. In netball it was physical, in Lidl it's done with Evil Eyes 😂

SapphireSeptember Thu 02-Apr-20 01:46:16

Will I fuck. A decent cup of tea is a basic human right.

This. Also chocolate. I bought some cake the other day (it was reduced) so I suppose I should go in the stocks. (Perks of working in a supermarket is I get to wander round once my shift has finished and do my shopping when it's quiet.) I also managed to get some bog roll!

naughtycat Thu 02-Apr-20 01:48:12

School on hill....

I also did buy a house plant and some fresh flowers.

They call me naughty cat for a reason 😂

Felt so self conscious though 😳

TheHonestTruth100 Thu 02-Apr-20 01:49:31

I don't eat much so food isn't really an issue for me.

Is no one else a bit alarmed by this? Are you ok OP? I hope you're alright.

Bowerbird5 Thu 02-Apr-20 01:50:08

OP I haven’t left the house or garden for two weeks either.i went for a walk each day from Monday when my two weeks were up. I have been perfectly happy. I have completed a few jobs like painting after the joiner finished his work a few weeks ago and I have done quite a bit of gardening as the weather warmed up. I have also de-cluttered some paperwork and quite a bit of cleaning. When we ran out of bread I made some tea bread and cake. I have read about four books and completed crosswords in old magazines.
I’m sorry your venture out was unpleasant. My friend said it made her feel nervous as she has been out shopping for her elderly clients and when she went to do her own family’s shopping she drove in to find Aldi heaving and couldn’t face it so just drove out again and home. Luckily we managed to get a delivery shop the next day.
Hopefully you will feel better tomorrow.💐

naughtycat Thu 02-Apr-20 01:51:05

Love you sapphire 😁 hey, why don't we do our best to be happy and enjoy chocolate cakes flowers and wine ...and whatever you personally these trying times

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