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Anyone else got raging hayfever?

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BendyLikeBeckham Sun 29-Mar-20 17:23:36

I am sneezing all day, swollen eyes, mild sore throat, runny nose, earache in one ear, awful headache first thing in the morning.

Taking antihistamine daily, which does help but not 100%.

Every time I sneeze always 6 times in a row I'm paranoid I might have/be spreading the virus. Stupid really. But people look at me with horror!

I don't remember having it this early in the year before. It usually hits with grass cutting season.

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SoapyChoc Sun 29-Mar-20 17:27:08

I am too although not quite as badly as you. I have a hospital appointment tomorrow so have not ventured in to the garden today in the hope I won't be too snotty and get looks while I wait!

Betty1233 Sun 29-Mar-20 17:40:18

Yes me .

perfumeistooexpensive Sun 29-Mar-20 17:42:02

Yes. I have the same. It's tree pollen this time of year. It's making me paranoid though. Every day I think I've got the virus.

Piglet208 Sun 29-Mar-20 17:42:54

Yes. I'm using otc anti histamines along with becodefense spray. It has helped to control the cough, itchy eyes and sneezing.

BanKittenHeels Sun 29-Mar-20 17:45:22

Every bastard near me is out mowing their lawns, hayfever has well and truly arrived.

chocolatespiders Sun 29-Mar-20 17:45:23

Have you tried a nasal antihistamine alongside the tablet?
I find the nasal sprays great. Wilko did a good one but havent seen it in there for a while.

leolion81 Sun 29-Mar-20 17:45:34

Yes! I've been sneezing, eyes and nose itchy, slight tightness in chest, wouldn't give it a second thought usually but paranoid atm!

BendyLikeBeckham Mon 30-Mar-20 01:52:32

its very annoying. I am relying on the copious mucus as being a good sign it's not corona!

Doesn't help that I have a bad back and it hurts like hell about lung level when I sneeze.

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browzingss Mon 30-Mar-20 01:59:42

Luckily no! I do get mild seasonal allergies this time of year, but haven’t been confirmed as having hay fever nor do I know my triggers.

I was quite bad about 3 weeks ago, not sure what’s changed. Nasal spray & tablets helped immensely though, nasal drip gone within about 5 minutes.

browzingss Mon 30-Mar-20 02:00:18

After using decongestant nasal spray that is

CtrlU Mon 30-Mar-20 03:45:42

But I dare not sniff, sneeze or cough...😳

Selfsettling3 Mon 30-Mar-20 03:47:07

Yep. I always do as soon as cherry blossom comes out.

ShastaBeast Mon 30-Mar-20 03:51:16

Sneezing isn’t a symptom so w good sign it’s hayfever. However sore, red eyes and stuffy nose plus wheezing can be signs of both.

GulliBelle Mon 30-Mar-20 21:21:04

Yes, exactly the same symptoms as bendy. I am terrified to go out unless I cough or sneeze and get reported to the police for coughing in a public place.

Shodan Mon 30-Mar-20 23:02:52

Yes, always do at this time of year.

Luckily I have a nasal antihistamine, although sadly I've run out of my prescription oral ones. So otc antihistamine, doubled if needs be, seems to work ok.

Boredsheep Mon 30-Mar-20 23:06:29

Yes me. Itchy eyes and stuffy nose, plus no sense of taste or smell which is driving me insane!

MsPepperPotts Mon 30-Mar-20 23:15:42

Well they started cutting grass around my apartment early last week.
Had my windows open and didn't realise they had done it.
Had streaming nose, itching watering eyes, sneezing and feeling generally under the weather as I do every year with hay fever.
I also have a allergic rhinitis which gets worse with staying in(been stuck indoors Christmas with other health problems) so am having to try and keep my place dust free which is exhausting with other health problems...if I don't wipe surfaces down every day symptoms get a lot worse quickly.
They one thing that helps are antihistamines, high dose Vit C and putting my face under the shower and in-between that just resting.

leolion81 Tue 31-Mar-20 11:23:15

Sunday I had sneezing, itchy nose etc. I've had a slight tight chest also which today is worse, no coughing, no other symptoms just a tight chest slightly wheezy feeling chest.
I'm panicking it's actually Covid, but surely I would feel worse, I don't feel unwell or a temp etc. Does anyone else get a tight chest with hayfever? I don't think I do usually but I don't usually pay much attention to the symptoms

mimbleandlittlemy Tue 31-Mar-20 11:28:41

Yes. Bloody tree pollen and bloody daffodils - but upside is that those combined with pollution on sunny days usually make me absolutely terrible - tight chest, wheezy, endlessly coughing, streaming eyes, sneezing etc and this year symptoms are definitely noticeably less.

Comedyusername Wed 01-Apr-20 11:57:51

Glad I found this thread. My hay fever symptoms are on another level this year. Came on after some weeding in the garden last week and haven't settled down at all. Eyes were so scratchy yesterday but I found some unopened eye mist last night which helped a little. I've never known it so bad!

Dee03 Wed 01-Apr-20 12:11:31

Yes my hay fever has been awful the past few days, yet today I've woken up with a temp confused

chocolatesaltyballs22 Wed 01-Apr-20 12:19:19

Bloody hell yes - thought it was just me! Went for a walk round the block on Monday and felt like crap yesterday, thought I might have lost my tolerance to being outdoors! It's horrible.

Msloverlover Wed 01-Apr-20 12:26:02

Yes and antihistamine is useless. Beconase on the other hand is absolutely bloody amazing.

Macarena1990 Wed 01-Apr-20 12:26:44

Me too 😫😫 and my partner

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