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If you're living with someone with symptoms but .....

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CompleteBarstool Sun 29-Mar-20 10:57:05

If you're living with someone with symptoms but not really experiencing any symptoms yourself is it likely that:

1. the person you're living with doesn't have Covid19 symptoms just a cold/flu
2. that you're immune to it
3. that you've already had it without knowing at the time
4. that you have it but extremely mild symptoms

Further info - DD has horrible dry cough and has been feverish (temp over 38, feverish sweats where her clothes end up soaked through. She doesn't tend to get high temp when ill normally), the rest of us are generally ok although DP and I have had mild sore throats as if our glands are up and I was bit achey earlier in the week. Teenage DS is fine.
We've all been in the same house self-isolating since the Friday before lockdown (just after DD got back from uni) DD's symptoms started a week ago.
We've all had various colds and coughs since Xmas but nothing that warranted any time off work or school.

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Lumene Sun 29-Mar-20 10:59:11

The incubation period is 7-14 days so you things could change. Wash your hands, open windows, and do what you reasonably can to lessen exposure for others in the house.

CompleteBarstool Sun 29-Mar-20 11:37:55

With DD having been back 11 days (and having had symptoms for 7 days) I would have thought one of us would have got it by now.

We have spent a lot of time outdoors during the days but have all been sitting around together in the evenings. I figured that we'd been in close proximity for 4-5 days before she started coughing so if we were going to catch it we would have done so by then IYSWIM.

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CompleteBarstool Sun 29-Mar-20 20:27:16

Bumping for some more opinions...

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KMoKMo Sun 29-Mar-20 20:31:44

5. No one on the internet can tell you.

Hannah021 Sun 29-Mar-20 20:39:31

No one can really say anything... You could still be vulnerable and just didnt catch it

flowerpeaceful Sun 29-Mar-20 20:40:39

Agree with the previous post, try to limit your exposure , like keep her in her room etc. I am sure there are tips about self isolating. You can search it online.

I understand what you mean, you think you may have already all caught it, but you never know unless you are tested. I have heard some people spread more virus, but some don't. So you may not have caught it.

CompleteBarstool Sun 29-Mar-20 21:05:49

Yes I realise that nobody on the internet can tell me but I'm just intrigued and wondered what peoples thoughts were on the scenario.

On one hand we're fed info from the media about how contagious it is yet on the other hand here's DD exhibiting the exact symptoms yet nobody she knows (at uni or home) have had any symptoms (yet?) confused

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LefttoherownDevizes Sun 29-Mar-20 21:08:23

It has taken 12 days for DS you start with it after DD had it, other D's may have it but Judi had sore throat and snotty nose so not sure. DH and I are also recovering but we have had textbook subprime.

So, one dc may have missed it but also the incubation period can be some time yet for you

LefttoherownDevizes Sun 29-Mar-20 21:08:33


ScarlettBlaize Sun 29-Mar-20 21:09:43

we're in a similar boat. DD and I had symptoms starting a week ago (fever of 38+, dry cough, nausea, fatigue, burning sore eyes). DH and DS have had no symptoms at all. We all live very closely together. No idea what is the answer but hoping we can get tested soon,

StormBaby Sun 29-Mar-20 21:12:23

My DH symptoms started on my day 15.

CompleteBarstool Sun 29-Mar-20 21:21:25

Scarlett you'll get where I'm coming from then. It's this strange in limbo situation waiting for it to happen but at the same time thinking it might not!

Stormbaby 15 days is along time! Isn't 5-10 days the norm?

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MotherofDogs3 Mon 30-Mar-20 08:02:52

I developed symptoms 12 days ago now. Had every symptom apart from i only had a fever for first 3 days. I still have coughing now but no where near as bad as it started. Obviously i dont know for certain if this is it but had every symptom. I have my two neices staying with us my partner and my dad. The girls when i picked them up few days before before i started getting sick had mild coughs nothing else. Their dad had been ill with carona symptoms for a week before we picked them up but said nothing at all to us 🙄 but they have been fine? They 5 and 7 and heard alot of kids seem to not show alot of symptoms with it. My partner and dad haven't got any symptoms yet. I tried my best to keep away from them all and cleaning everywhere. Im just hoping they dont get it or they have it the same as i did which was bad but not horrific where i needed treatment.

ScarlettBlaize Mon 30-Mar-20 15:20:34

@CompleteBarstool Yes it is a weird limbo, and my husband has asthma and psoriasis so I really don't want him to get it. The longer he goes without symptoms, the more I start to think my daughter and I must have had something else - but then we both definitely had SOMETHING with a fever, cough etc. that lasted several days.

crustycrab Mon 30-Mar-20 15:28:44

Without a test you won't know.

CompleteBarstool Wed 15-Apr-20 08:46:15

UPDATE..... well DD is finally feeling better just over 3 weeks on from her first symptoms. We did phone 111 at one point when she was getting worse 10 days in and they said it sounded like coronavirus (but obviously she's not been tested)

As for the rest of us.....we're still fine (so still wondering which of the options in my first post applies!)

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