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Coronavirus unusual symptoms

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eeehbyegum Sat 28-Mar-20 06:03:16

I saw a thread on here about day by day symptoms but I can’t find it. A few people mentioned hand pain.
I thought I was getting arthritis, until my daughter mentioned the same hand pain I have.

My knuckles are really tender, especially when I bend them. Same for my 8 year old. We’ve all had a horrible bug, but before this officially kicked off - Jan / Feb.

Has anyone else experienced the same hand pain and thinks they have had or do have Coronavirus?

Thank you!

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Persipan Sat 28-Mar-20 07:04:43

Is this pain definitely happening inside your joints, or could it be your skin? My knuckles are awful at the moment from the increased hand-washing, and it's most noticeable when I bend them.

eeehbyegum Sat 28-Mar-20 07:12:59

No it’s definitely inside, it’s an achey feeling and they feel puffy maybe?

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Teesstar Sat 28-Mar-20 07:19:57

Yes! My hands are painful, my knuckles ache and it feels like they are puffy especially on a morning.
I also have pain on the back of my thighs that is like a prickling sensation.
Had headaches, no other symptoms.
Very strange!

Dilbertian Sat 28-Mar-20 07:42:37

Viruses can harm your immune system and cause non-infectious problems after you have recovered. I have family members who developed auto-immune conditions weeks after recovering from viral illnesses. One of the conditions that viruses can trigger is a form of arthritis. If you show no other symptoms of C19, you could try taking aspirin or ibuprofen as they are anti-inflammatory and may help. Warmth and frequent gentle mobilisation may also help.

I am not a HCP.

eeehbyegum Sat 28-Mar-20 07:48:19

Super helpful thank you!

I also had awful back pain and night sweats along with a cough and sore throat in Jan. Doctor ruled out kidney infection when the back pain didn’t go. That’s now gone thankfully.

Wonder if I’ve had it, would love to know so I can hug my mum!

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LemonandGingerTeafor2 Sat 28-Mar-20 08:22:07

I have been so unwell this past 2 weeks with all the symptoms
Loss of appetite
Then came the lung burning and weird flutter, gasping for breath
Dizziness and fatigue
But during all that I had the most painful left hand
I couldn't even put fingertips on the mattress to try to get myself up
Been 14 days now and it's back to normal

eeehbyegum Sat 28-Mar-20 09:03:20

@LemonandGingerTeafor2 sounds pretty likely you had it! It's reassuring on the hand pain. I'm really hoping that is the case my side too.

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eeehbyegum Sat 28-Mar-20 09:07:25

@LemonandGingerTeafor2 are you left handed?

My right hand is much more sore than my left and I am right handed, opposite for my daughter who is left handed.

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CasparBloomberg Sun 10-May-20 11:20:38

Interesting to find this thread. Did anyone seek treatment/get diagnosis?
2 weeks after suspected corona (diagnosed gp on phone) I developed finger pain, same fingers on both hands. Assumed post viral aches as still had the post viral cough.
Now a month after that I have spent weeks in a sling/wrist support on my right arm as in so much pain. Ibuprofen don’t touch it. Wrist, forearm and back of hand in pain. Swelling/puffiness between knuckles. Can’t grip, pick up, twist it. Google brings up RA as a post viral complication with some viruses and I’m now worried.

Did others get better? Worse?

Have sent an online message to gp to ask for help.

eeehbyegum Sun 10-May-20 12:45:31

@CasparBloomberg interesting! I still have knuckle pain though not as severe, and now pain in my big toe now. Same for my daughter.

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CasparBloomberg Sun 10-May-20 19:34:32

I’m glad you say yours is improving but sorry to hear It’s spreading. Websites did say different joints can be affected. I was shocked to read that post viral arthritis can last 6 months. The NHS website was probably the least helpful site though.

I’ll let you know if I hear anything useful from my gp

CasparBloomberg Tue 12-May-20 13:54:46

Gp sending me for blood tests. Told to take max ibuprofen consistently, (even when feeling okay) and will talk again when blood tests back. Recovery time unknown.
Confirmed did sound like covid and did sound like post viral reactive arthritis.
Will wait to see.

CasparBloomberg Sat 16-May-20 06:37:09

Blood test back and GP called. Raised ESR shows inflammation, so post viral reactive arthritis is indicated. My wrist hasn’t been examined by a doctor, but don’t know if that’s necessary.
Putting me on a short course of steroids to suppress immune response. Slightly terrified and will have to go back into self isolation.

eeehbyegum Sat 16-May-20 07:03:13

@CasparBloomberg Oh I’m so sorry - but please don’t be scared. From what I have read it’s a common immune response. The best thing you can do is up vitamins A, B3, B12, D3, C, omega 3, in particular (A is a toxin of too high though), increase sleep, reduce stress. Help your body heal. Steroids and anti inflammatories will help. Increase water, reduce caffeine and alcohol.
If you have had CV, you should have anti bodies now too. So whilst you now have really crap after effects, hopefully it’s a comfort to think you’re likely protected.

Wishing you well!

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Vinosaurus Sat 16-May-20 09:28:59

I'd recommend taking vitamin K if you're supplementing your vitamin D to reduce the blood vessel calcification (i.e. fuzzy arteries) that an excess of D can cause.

Mintypylonsfryingsurplus Sat 16-May-20 11:17:30

Yes I had the most painful hands and wrists!. Knuckles felt like someone had smashed them with a mallett and was repeatedly asking DH to chinese burn my wrists as the warmth relieved the unbearable pain.
Had all the Covid symptoms and ended up in A&E with chest pain and 'happy hypoxia' which although not tested ( as symptoms had been ongoing at that point and was told was post viral 99% certain it was Covid related according to chest doc at A&E.
Last week chest finally stopped hurting along with palpitations and the hand pain.
Other noteable strange symptoms included (apart from usual) were very very dry mouth, cracked lips total nasal congestion. The only thing now is oxygen dropping to 92 on exertion and fatigue. I am still sleeping in the day.
I am thinking of trying an anti inflammitory diet to see if that will damp it down.
There was an article from Paul Garner ( Scientist who had this too, so if you google Paul Garner/ lingering symptoms The Guardian it will come up with that too. Hope you feel better very soon.

CasparBloomberg Sun 17-May-20 01:06:18

@ eeehbyegum and @eeehbyegum Thanks for the tips and kind words of support. I was taking supplements to get energy back after the virus so I’ll take them again. I’m just a little nervous it wasn’t cv as so many who have the symptoms don’t get a positive test.
@ Mintypylonsfryingsurplus apart from a&e that sounds like we had a similar experience, but I can’t imagine letting anyone squeeze my arm without screaming! Your Chinese burn pain relief sounds quite extreme - that must have been agony. I hope you are improving swiftly. Did the hospital make any comment or advise about the post viral recovery or the hand pain? I will look up that article. Thanks.
Haven’t had the dry mouth, but about a week before the cough and chest started I had insanely dry nasal passages that were very painful.

Took first tablets at breakfast today and have noticed a difference in my wrist (managed to wash my hands without pain - that was a success moment!) other movement still restricted but only on day one. There are also side effects ... such as insomnia and hence why I’m still up after midnight ...

CasparBloomberg Sun 17-May-20 01:11:19

My tagging failed 🤦‍♀️
Sorry @Mintypylonsfryingsurplus and @vinosaurus

melodien Sun 17-May-20 01:26:39

Weird. I had a virus in March (that wasn't anything like corona - no cough or lung symptoms at all, main symptoms were sore throat and swollen glands and lethargy) and ended up with finger and toe pain for about 6 weeks afterwards. GP said possible reactive arthritis, but wouldn't send me for a blood test due to lockdown and it not being urgent. Anyway its mostly better now.

Smileyoriley Sun 17-May-20 08:48:27

I had reactivate arthritis many years ago after a virus, steroids calmed it down eventually but it was really debilitating for a while.

TwistinMyMelon Sun 17-May-20 08:58:52

I believe I had it late March (no test). I now have an achey Left hip and the DIP joint (end knuckle) in the little finger of my right hand is really sore. I put it down to doing lots of gardening!

CasparBloomberg Sun 17-May-20 21:48:48

@melodien and @smileyoriley I'm glad you both got better. I understand it can take a while and that many viruses can cause this.
@twistinmymelon hope it's better soon and the garden is looking good. Really need to get in mine when I can.

Livewellwithita Sun 17-May-20 22:03:46

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