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Cannot believe what friend is doing

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CochonDinde Thu 26-Mar-20 22:51:00

I have a generally amazing friend, she's very head strong and as such she's seen me through some really tough times with her matter-of-factness and decisiveness.

However, she got sent home from work a few days ago as she had a horrendous cough. Why she went to work in the first place was beyond me. She declared she was (rightly) self-isolating. Then two days ago she told me her husband is bedridden with fever. But just YESTERDAY she's told me that she's going out on Sunday as she's fed up if being cut off from the world? I obviously reminded her that she and her family need to isolate for 14 days from when she became I'll- she's basically laughed at me and told me I'm being ridiculous and that it's all just been blown up in the media. I'm so fucked off as she knows I'm really concerned about close relatives who are vulnerable. Not sure what I can do to change her mind though?

DenimDrift Thu 26-Mar-20 22:52:08

going out where? the country is closed....or should be

littlebitwooway Thu 26-Mar-20 22:54:02

Um where is she going out? We are allowed to leave the house for one form of exercise a day. Is she going to see people in their houses? All you can do is tell her she has to keep 2 metres away from people.

Boredsheep Thu 26-Mar-20 22:54:14

What day was she sent home from work? For her it will be 7 days from then.

nocoolnamesleft Thu 26-Mar-20 22:54:31

She would be an ex friend. I could not be friends with someone who is happy to risk killing people just to get out of the house. And I'd be telling them that.

OhClover Thu 26-Mar-20 22:55:02

@littlebitwooway you aren’t supposed to leave the house for 7 days if symptomatic

Ladyglitterfairydust Thu 26-Mar-20 22:57:32

I don’t think there’s anything you can do. I’ve sadly come to the conclusion that some people are just plain selfish. They only consider their own needs and wants - everyone/everything else is irrelevant to them so long as they get to do what they want. You are right to be angry, I am too. My mum is severely immunodeficient due to a chronic condition. She lives 300 miles from me and I’m terrified something will happen to her. You friend is putting others at risk, but she knows and just doesn’t care.

bombaychef Thu 26-Mar-20 23:00:19

I've got to the point where I'm staying in as are DH and DC. Cant trust others to follow guidance. People like her are killing others. That's the message she needs to hear but won't.

Branster Thu 26-Mar-20 23:00:33

I’ve sadly come to the conclusion that some people are just plain selfish.
Some people are beyond plain stupid actually.

Flordelice Thu 26-Mar-20 23:03:38

Awful! My mums friend is being like this too. So so selfish and irresponsible. I think it comes from a place of not wanting to believe that this is the reality. Too scary to contemplate, so they choose to believe what they want to be true instead.

AnotherNightWatering Thu 26-Mar-20 23:09:22

If it's seven days from the start of her cough, and she's just doing her daily exercise, then won't it be ok?

Angelw Thu 26-Mar-20 23:26:57

Just call the police, they now have powers to issue fines. Your friend is foolish. Hope she or anyone in her circle never end up desperate an ITU bed. (she would get the lesson then)

Daffodil55 Thu 26-Mar-20 23:31:35

I suspect many of us, while sticking rigidly to the rules to keep us safe, know someone or even worse several people who are not taking this seriously enough. I certainly do and it is two family members. I feel sad they are showing such ignorance and stupidity.

They no longer have my respect.

Mummyoflittledragon Thu 26-Mar-20 23:31:44

I think people, who are isolating in this way have the right to exercise and adhere to the same 2m rule.

ladyvimes Thu 26-Mar-20 23:34:21

NHS online advice is that even if you are self isolating with symptoms you are still allowed outside for exercise as long as you maintain the 2m social distancing rule.

CochonDinde Thu 26-Mar-20 23:50:08

Shops. She'll be going shopping. I absolutely despair.

Reversiblesequinsforadults Thu 26-Mar-20 23:51:27

What a dick!

CochonDinde Thu 26-Mar-20 23:51:50

I know...

Hercwasonaroll Thu 26-Mar-20 23:53:29

Shops. Are shit right now. She's going to be very bored.

gingersausage Thu 26-Mar-20 23:54:43

Oh ffs this is getting ridiculous. What is the point in people running to MN to report every bloody infraction committed by people NONE OF US KNOW. Even more annoying is the sheep on every thread bleating “call the police”. Like anyone would actually call the bloody police on a friend 🤦‍♀️.

If she’s been ill for “a few days” already, then she can go out for the same reasons as everyone else in a few more. It 7 days for people who actually have symptoms.

Yeafortwo Thu 26-Mar-20 23:54:55

Shopping for what though? All the shops are shut apart from the obvious ones. I'd find that very hard to deal with too OP.

Turnedouttoes Thu 26-Mar-20 23:56:37

I really don’t understand how many people don’t seem to be getting it. My dad who is almost 70 and has asthma is still driving to his office every day!!
And a friend is going to meet up with his girlfriend for a walk every night. And then you’ve got idiots asking what day it is lockdown will end 🤦🏼‍♀️

Notcontent Thu 26-Mar-20 23:56:44

Umm, I think most shops are closed. And supermarkets have queues outside - so not exactly a fun day out...

AmelieTaylor Thu 26-Mar-20 23:57:28

Ask her which of the 4 reasons you’re permitted to go out,dies she think thus falls under?
- Essential shopping
- exercise
-care for the elderly/vulnerable
- wirk


If it’s none of those she needs to STAY HOME & flatten the curve.

Blitzen2 Fri 27-Mar-20 00:00:07

As an NHS frontline worker please tell her on my behalf she is a selfish cow and I hope I never bump into her. I have no choice but to go to work and I’m terrified I might bring this home to my kids. What an utter arse

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