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NEXT online closed until further notice..

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SapphireSalute Thu 26-Mar-20 20:50:02

I only went on to pay my account and the message says closed

Don't blame themes it seems staff have requested closure, they have listened

hope it doesn't leave them into administration when we are through this though.

mimbleandlittlemy Thu 26-Mar-20 20:59:02

That’s going to hit them really hard. I sent something back via Hermes a couple of days ago - wonder if it will ever credit into my account now.

Isadora2007 Thu 26-Mar-20 21:00:42

I’m glad. My sons gf is a customer service agent and was being expected to keep going into work until Tuesday this week- and threatened with redundancy if she self isolated. 😬

NemophilistRebel Thu 26-Mar-20 21:01:15

Oh no I was just about to order the baby grows for my baby she in a few weeks


Megan2018 Thu 26-Mar-20 21:05:58

Oh FFS where am I going to get baby clothes now. Arrrgggghhhhhhh.

Plus I have only 1 pair of jeans left, birthday on Sunday and have asked for gift card to spend. Marvellous. Stuck at home forever and now no frigging clothes for either of us.

And no, I cannot use a supermarket, ours are tiny (rural) and don’t carry any.

PrincessMargaret Thu 26-Mar-20 21:15:06

Surely there are plenty of other online places till, or ask in local groups on FB. baby clothes are normally easy to come by.

NemophilistRebel Thu 26-Mar-20 21:16:56

How do you buy from a local Fb group during lockdown?

Terribly irresponsible

NemophilistRebel Thu 26-Mar-20 21:17:54

My worry now is that with next shut online where most people buy baby clothes from, there will be a rush to buy from the few remaining places unless they shut too, and stocks will run out much quicker

DenimDrift Thu 26-Mar-20 21:18:46

I use next purely for their tall range, only a handful of places stock tall range

will be ok,i've enough clothes for now as long as i dont put weight on!!

Doyouthinktheysaurus Thu 26-Mar-20 21:19:46

I hope M&S don't close to orders, I need bras!

TitsalinaBumSquash Thu 26-Mar-20 21:21:05

I ordered from them earlier online.

Megan2018 Thu 26-Mar-20 21:22:22

@PrincessMargaret I only have NEXT gift card to spend - £300 worth. Happy bloody birthday to me.

Buying used baby clothes would mean non essential travel too-probably a 30 mile round trip to our nearest town as unlikely to be anyone selling near me (no young children in my hamlet). Hardly social distancing.

I hope NEXT are refunding the delivery pass costs too. The reason I use them is the delivery as nearest clothes shops are an hour away

eaglejulesk Thu 26-Mar-20 21:23:42

Good on them! In NZ online shopping is only allowed for essential goods, as it should be. Funnily enough I got an email from Next overnight, but deleted it as knew I wouldn't be ordering anything.

Sux2buthen Thu 26-Mar-20 21:23:58

Imagine wanting to protect their staff. Crazy. Don't they know people have vouchers and babies hmmgrin

NemophilistRebel Thu 26-Mar-20 21:24:59

So baby clothes aren’t essential?

KindnessCrusader Thu 26-Mar-20 21:25:01

How do you make payments to your account? It looks like that option has gone?

Clymene Thu 26-Mar-20 21:26:40

I have never bought baby clothes from next. There are other places. Like Tesco

carnivalisover Thu 26-Mar-20 21:27:31

john lewis, m&s. or cut the feet out of babygros’ tights etc.

AHintOfStyle Thu 26-Mar-20 21:27:59

It says that the My Account function will be back from around 3pm tomorrow

MillicentMartha Thu 26-Mar-20 21:30:54

Bugger, I ordered some pairs of jeans in the sale yesterday as my DS has grown out of one pair and put a hole in the other! He’ll have to manage. Better that their staff are safe.

Vinorosso74 Thu 26-Mar-20 21:31:10

Retailers do need to protect their staff so I think others will follow. I had an email from Schuh earlier saying they have closed their online store too.

Wilmalovescake Thu 26-Mar-20 21:31:12

I ordered some stuff from them yesterday- I felt like I was supporting their business by doing so. Then I heard lots of staff were essentially being threatened with job losses if they didn’t come in and I felt like a right dick for perpetuating that. confused

Megan2018 Thu 26-Mar-20 21:31:29

@Clymene our Tesco does not sell clothes. It is tiny. I’d have a 2hr round trip to a big store. Not everyone lives near shops you know!!

Plus I do not have a magic money tree to turn next gift card into cash. I’m on mat leave - income is £0

Sleepyquest Thu 26-Mar-20 21:33:34

@Megan2018 try ebay? I have a bunch of next stuff to sell on eBay but won't do it until this has passed, however some people are! I'm too scared to go to the post office

Sleepyquest Thu 26-Mar-20 21:34:34

@Megan2018 oh sorry didn't process the £0 income bit!!
Well hopefully they won't be closed too long xx

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