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What to do about steroid inhaler prescription

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PlanetMJ Wed 25-Mar-20 15:45:18

I have asthma. Prior to last year it was relatively mild and I just used blue inhalers to treat the symptoms, usually when I had a cold. However I had four chest infections last year that ended up needing antibiotics and steroid tablets to clear. I was quite unwell. It felt like every time I cleared one infection, I ended up with another one a few weeks later.

The nurse I saw for my last one advised she thought the cause was probably the first infection triggering a deterioration in my asthma so she prescribed me an orange preventive inhaler to be used twice a day. She said to call and book an asthma review appointment in 8 weeks to look at whether the inhaler had helped.

I think it's made a difference as for the last couple of months of using it, I've had no chest infections. Coughs that last year would have developed into one have thankfully cleared up quickly.

Well obviously I haven't attempted to book an appointment with the nurse. But I am worried that if I'm not using the inhaler and do contract Covid 19, I am risking more severe symptoms and the thought of taking hospital resources worries me, if having a steroid inhaler could prevent this. It's a tiny dilemma in the grand scheme of things but have time on my hands to think through these things!

The inhaler has now run out and I don't have a repeat prescription for one. I do have a repeat prescription for other medication which I will need to renew in 2 weeks. Should i contact the pharmacy now about both to save two calls? Is this unreasonable? Will the pharmacy be able to contact my GP to prescribe one?

It's not essential medication but it feels irresponsible not to try and get one if it could mean I reduce any symptoms of this virus.

LoveFameTragedy Wed 25-Mar-20 15:47:19

Our GP surgery can send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy. I think that is fairly common. Phone your GP and ask. I only need a blue one, but the GP sent a repeat prescription for me without hesitation, despite it not being on my repeat list.

PlanetMJ Wed 25-Mar-20 15:47:35

Crikey, this is a bloody boring thread to start so thank you if you got through that lot and can offer advice!

PlanetMJ Wed 25-Mar-20 15:48:54

Thanks lovefame. I will give it a go. Worried about ringing when they are so swamped.

GreyishDays Wed 25-Mar-20 15:53:51

Does yours have an online service? Ours will let you request a repeat online. I appreciate it’s not a repeat, but might still be worth a go.

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