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Celebrities that are Corona-annoying

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SecondRatePony Wed 25-Mar-20 10:17:02

I'll start us off. Madonna calling the virus a great equalizer because it doesn't care how rich you are or how old... as it disproportionaly harms those who are older (disease) or poorer (financially).

Matt Goss telling us we can go anywhere in our minds grin

Any more?

Waxonwaxoff0 Wed 25-Mar-20 10:43:19

Evangeline Lilly being a fucking dick and refusing to isolate.

Mookie81 Wed 25-Mar-20 12:12:52

Gal Gadot and that fucking Imagine video.
Basically all celebs posting 'hilarious' videos during isolation.
So bloody desperate for attention and views, hate them all!

IheartNiles Wed 25-Mar-20 12:15:35

All the eejits ‘bravely recovering’.

Connie222 Wed 25-Mar-20 12:24:06

You can always count on him.

bogoblin Wed 25-Mar-20 12:25:07

Yes I felt like that Imagine video had actually given me the virus it was that awful!

Ant Middleton is being a prize twat again. And Kirstie Allsop - WTF was she thinking!?

Oh wait - she wasn't!

Tartyflette Wed 25-Mar-20 12:26:06

Sam Smith (no surprise there)

Karmagoat Wed 25-Mar-20 12:26:16

fucking Sam Smith putting photos on instagram of himself crying on the steps of his £12million house cos he's ( not getting any attention) self isolating. Cunt. Hopefully one good thing that comes out of all this is that none of these self obsessed fucktards will be relevant anymore

FlossieTeacakesFurCoat18 Wed 25-Mar-20 12:26:57

What did kirstie allsop do?

PristineCondition Wed 25-Mar-20 12:28:15

Ant Middleton - why that woman punching cunt is allowed on telly is beyond me at the best of times let slone the fuck corona

Gordon Ramsey - fucked his staff but has millions in the bank, i hope he loses everything.

BilboBercow Wed 25-Mar-20 12:32:21

Vanessa Hudgens clearly drunken Instagram saying shut down until July is "a bunch of bullshit" and "people are going to die, I mean that's kind of inevitable"

BilboBercow Wed 25-Mar-20 12:33:51

Madonna's video was hilarious. Rich old lady in a bath full of petals she probably didn't even run, telling people the disease is a great equaliser

SharkasticBitch Wed 25-Mar-20 12:39:53

Yes I felt like that Imagine video had actually given me the virus it was that awful!

grin grin

Harvey Weinstein 'claiming' he has C-19 so needs to be hospitalised. Getting that rapey git into prison is like trying to get a cat into a bath.

SharkasticBitch Wed 25-Mar-20 12:40:46

On the plus side, Arnie has gone up in my estimation. Anyone hand feeding a donkey in their kitchen is ok by me smile

WonderWoman36 Wed 25-Mar-20 12:43:40

Generally most of the celebs who post beach /pool pics and then keep telling everyone to self isolate so that we can get through this as if they're just 'jenny from the block'. I'm sorry but nobody wants to see you by the pool when they are home and scared and worried about how to pay for their mortgage and food for the month!!

Celebs who are great are the ones who back up their words with actual support... Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds, Roger Federer... Can't think of anymore off the top of my head, but they know they are privileged and before asking others to help fundraise they are starting it off themselves and inspiring others!! Makes me like them even more than before!!

The80sweregreat Wed 25-Mar-20 12:44:04

It's sad to say but this health emergency will be so divisive for many people.

In regards to the rich they can afford not to work , pay for a test, run off to second homes if they have one, have all the gadgets for their children and can afford the price rises on food and goods which will surely happen.
The more vulnerable in society will suffer much more hardships. It's so sad and it will create another rich / poor divide , more jealousy and crime. Each individual can only do their best: the only thing I can do is offer people some money to see them through : dh is self isolating atm but he is desperate to volunteer. We can do little bits but I know people might think ' your ok , I'm not' but that isn't my fault here. I am as upset as anyone else that this has happened. It's awful but my situation was the same before it happened.
We all have had to adapt to a new way of life and it's not easy at all for anyone.
Support on mumsnet is needed more than ever.

Absentwomen Wed 25-Mar-20 12:44:13

Madonna, brings that trophy home.

Ihatesundays Wed 25-Mar-20 12:46:03

I have enjoyed Arnie and Ryan Reynolds

The80sweregreat Wed 25-Mar-20 12:46:20

It won't equalise I'm afraid. It will divide.
I feel quite depressed at how much it will. I'm
Hoping for a vaccine soon but that will take ages.

WonderWoman36 Wed 25-Mar-20 12:46:38

Gal gadot's imagine video just shows how out of touch some celebs are... Some celebs really just can't do without the attention...

Wetcarparkrain Wed 25-Mar-20 12:49:59

@SharkasticBitch it’s such a cliche but I genuinely loled at ‘cat into a bath’ comment.

SharkasticBitch Wed 25-Mar-20 12:52:00


SharkasticBitch Wed 25-Mar-20 12:53:22

I also find myself chuckling that Prince Charles got tested once he was in Balmoral, having only just arrived. I think I'd hold off until then so I could be isolated somewhere so fabulous...

ColleysMill Wed 25-Mar-20 12:54:22

Simon Pegg and Nick Frosts The Plan video though was hilarious - i loved that

Lardlizard Wed 25-Mar-20 12:55:20

Matt goss, remember that documentary with him and his brothergrin

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