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Is no one even a little concerned about the intrusion and removal of freedoms?

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DoubleAction Tue 24-Mar-20 20:41:36

I know needs must and we're in a real crisis situation but it does make me a little uneasy to see how easy it has been to remove all freedoms.

The real shocker for me today was the text messages. I've spent the last year or so working on GDPR stuff and all the "threats" associated with that. Who gave the government all our numbers?!

I know it's insignificant in the scheme of things now but is it right that it's so easy?

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7Days Tue 24-Mar-20 20:42:43

Not concerned right now.

bellinisurge Tue 24-Mar-20 20:42:56

The government doesn't have the numbers. It's asked the operators to send the message to all their customers.

Soubriquet Tue 24-Mar-20 20:43:21

No not really

It’s important at the moment

And I’m guessing with numbers, those who have contracts are registered to a database. Easy to get the numbers that way

AuntieMarys Tue 24-Mar-20 20:43:23


confusednortherner Tue 24-Mar-20 20:44:13

If the general public can't take strong hints the there was no choice!

fluffdeloop Tue 24-Mar-20 20:44:26


user1493494961 Tue 24-Mar-20 20:44:35


SylvanianFrenemies Tue 24-Mar-20 20:44:43

No. Needs must.

I think the phone numbers are being collated from a number of legitimate sources.

Etinox Tue 24-Mar-20 20:44:50


lightyearsahead Tue 24-Mar-20 20:45:11


Selfsettling3 Tue 24-Mar-20 20:45:19

Not at all. They are temporary measures to hopefully stops the ten of thousands deaths becoming 100 thousands of deaths or maybe more.

WhenTheDragonsCame Tue 24-Mar-20 20:45:19

If so many people hadn't been such dickheads this wouldn't be needed!

nomdefuckit Tue 24-Mar-20 20:45:35


If my husband gets it, he'll probably die.

They need to do more. I want martial law.

I think you probably thought we had more freedom than we actually do.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Tue 24-Mar-20 20:46:01

I’m never one to speak nicely of BoJo but he tried just advising everyone to stay at home and look how that turned out. He had no choice but to step it up.

And as a PP said, the mobile companies texted us.

TwigTheWonderKid Tue 24-Mar-20 20:46:17

Not when the rest of world is facing similar restrictions, no. Even Shami Chakrabarti isn't concerned. And at least the legislation means it has to be reviewed every 6 months.

DifficultPifcultLemonDifficult Tue 24-Mar-20 20:46:44

Not even a little bit at this point, if people had listened it wouldnt have come to this. Everyone has a special circumstance why the rules dont apply to them, so it needed to be spelled out.

The laws will be frequently reviewed.

DoubleAction Tue 24-Mar-20 20:47:05

Isn't that the point though Dragons. What other reasons might be used to explain why the people deserve to have no freedom?

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HotSauceCommittee Tue 24-Mar-20 20:47:46

No, I’m more scared of illness and death and for my 84 year old arty friend up the road with whom I normally go with to drawing class weekly and talk about weird and interesting things to. I would miss him if anything happened to him.

Therollockingrogue Tue 24-Mar-20 20:48:19

Personally I’m concerned about how legislation passed quickly to protect us from covid-19 will remain after the pandemic is over, and how that will affect our lives afterwards.

angell84 Tue 24-Mar-20 20:48:55

Yes! I have been in lockdown for two weeks already, and now it has been extended for three more weeks.

It does feel like they have a lot of control over us

angell84 Tue 24-Mar-20 20:49:21

I am in Ireland.

Five weeks of lockdown is a long time

Cacaca Tue 24-Mar-20 20:49:41

Did you see the idiots on the evening news tonight? Driving round London to find an outdoor gym that was open, working out in groups. When asked why they weren’t following the rules - ‘well I’m fine.’ Morons like that are the reason measures should be tightened. It’s not being done for no reason.

LittleBoyJuly2020 Tue 24-Mar-20 20:49:43

Not concerned at all, I welcome it.

endofthelinefinally Tue 24-Mar-20 20:50:06

No, people are dying and half the population are idiots. I think harsher methods should have been put in place weeks ago.
Of course the government doesn't have our numbers.
As pp said, all providers will have been asked to send the text to all their customers. Just the way they send you your bill, or special offers.

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