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Asthmatics - have you had the 12 week text/letter/call?

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Bercows Tue 24-Mar-20 18:21:01

I'm asthmatic on long term step 3 management with Fostair. I still need my reliever most days. For the past 3 weeks I've had some kind of virus and have increased the fostair to 4 puffs twice a day. I still need my reliever. My worry is that I've had prednisolone at least twice in the past year and that this might put me in the 12 week group.

Is anyone in a similar situation and had a text/letter/call? Is there any guidance anywhere?

I'm self isolating anyway at the moment but mentally I'd like to know what's what. My GP practice is down to one GP due to illness so I've not had a reply to my email yet.

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Floralnomad Tue 24-Mar-20 18:24:24

What difference will getting a letter make , you are doing the right thing by isolating

Wouldyou66 Tue 24-Mar-20 18:35:19

I don’t expect a letter for asthma unless hospitalisation and oxygen have been required in the last year or so and perhaps on more than one occasion.

SentimentalKiller Tue 24-Mar-20 18:37:20

I haven't had one but take fostair and montelukast so am expecting one
Asthmatics are on the list to get letters depending on medication. The letter is needed for those still working

Wouldyou66 Tue 24-Mar-20 18:39:20

Only those with severe asthma will get a letter (4% of sufferers).

Nishky Tue 24-Mar-20 18:41:10

Asthma uk has details about who will be contacted. My inhaler was listed but not in a high enough dosage to need to be contacted

Wouldyou66 Tue 24-Mar-20 18:43:14

Petetongue Tue 24-Mar-20 18:45:11

Getting the letter is important so that I can tell my employer that I will not be in. It will be a huge weight off my mind.

Wouldyou66 Tue 24-Mar-20 18:49:24

If you are taking fostair 200mg TWO puffs TWICE per day you may get a letter:

NewChapter11 Tue 24-Mar-20 18:55:54

I've had additional asthma meds prescribed (Spiriva and a course of Prednisolone) due to a virus which the GP suspects isn't CV despite me having a dry cough and severe breathlessness.
The new medication I imagine would take me into the 12 week isolation category, though I haven't received a letter/text just yet. It's all so surreal.

laburnumtree Tue 24-Mar-20 18:59:58

My asthma isn't as bad as yours OP but I had a check up call from my GP surgery and they advised me to completely self isolate. I was surprised as I didn't think I was in the worst categories for asthma (mainly on seretide 50 twice a day). Definitely sounds like you should do so.

nottoday3000 Tue 24-Mar-20 19:02:50

Hi I'm on duo resp (budesonide) 160mcg and ventolin will I get the letter do you think?

ShastaBeast Tue 24-Mar-20 19:10:28

I spoke to my GP as I have symptoms and my asthma has really flared up. I didn’t realise I was on two puffs of Fostair twice daily, thought it was just one. I don’t think I’m high risk at all, moderate at best. I’ve never taken oral steroids or been hospitalised, always managed with ventolin. However if I do have Coronavirus I’m really struggling with asthma, I’m take ventolin a few times a day and around five puffs a time. It may not be the Coronavirus itself that endangers asthmatics but the impact on their asthma, which we know kills people.

My GP was quick to offer antibiotics and oral steroids, I declined, but they are being more careful and proactive than usual.

Powaqa Tue 24-Mar-20 19:13:10

I'm on Clenil Modulite and Montelukst, , have CHD, Hypertension and Diabetes . I spoke to my GP today re prescriptions and he confirmed that I am NOT on the vulnerable list and I won't be receiving a letter despite also needing emergency treatment for asthma in the last 12 months ! I am still staying in though

PseudoQuim Tue 24-Mar-20 19:13:39

No letter here but on Omalizumab (biologic) and fostair. I've been hospitalised as an emergency with my asthma twice, though not recently, and have had prednisone more times than I can remember.

Menora Tue 24-Mar-20 19:15:24

No I didn’t
But on Sunday I came down with a chest infection and I can’t take pred because it’s risky so I am just on increased symbicort and antibiotics
I usually take pred once a year with a viral infection that turns to pneumonia

Wouldyou66 Tue 24-Mar-20 19:22:44

@nottoday3000 I think it is 400mg of budesonide two puffs twice per day who can expect a letter.

@NewChapter11 a current prescription to daily steroids should mean you get a letter.

@PseudoQuim Biological therapy should mean you get a letter.

It really depends on the DOSE of your inhaler as well as which inhaler it would appear

Floralnomad Tue 24-Mar-20 19:25:44

Sorry , I didn’t think about people needing the letters for work purposes .If you were likely to get a letter should it have arrived by now ?

PseudoQuim Tue 24-Mar-20 19:28:33

@Wouldyou66 that's what I read, but nothing yet confused

Elasticatedwaist Tue 24-Mar-20 19:42:45

Also hoping for a letter here too for dh for work , nothing as yet . Some have had texts yesterday so hoping that’s not it now .

Petetongue Tue 24-Mar-20 19:43:55

Some people have had letters, I haven't. I am on 200/6 fostair 2 puffs twice a day, plus montelukast, was hospitalized March last year, but maybe just outside the year, was on prednisolone until beginning of May. Taken to hospital in November, diagnosed with chest infection, prednisolone and antibiotics. Have just today finished prednisolone and antibiotics for chest infection. I am very scared of not getting a letter as my job are already asking who will be going in.

justasking111 Tue 24-Mar-20 19:45:37

Seretide 100 2 puffs twice a day. Only used blue inhaler over xmas when I had a bad cold with cough, needed antibiotics.

If you have to use the blue one like this you need a check up and perhaps adjustment of meds.

justasking111 Tue 24-Mar-20 19:45:57

Sorry no letter here either.

jadey0885 Tue 24-Mar-20 20:00:26

I was wondering the same thing. Both my children are asthmatic with my youngest having chronic asthma's and my eldest with mild asthma.
I work for the nhs as a nurse and I am scared I might bring it home. However, I'm off the rest of this week.
I've contacted my GP and awaiting a call back.

But considering I'm healthy and my children are not I don't no where I'll stand.

Powaqa Tue 24-Mar-20 20:06:13

My GP did say that if my employers become difficult about me self isolating, they now have a template for a letter that could be sent to employers for people that were vulnerable but not the highest risk. Perhaps this is the same in other GP practices.

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