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Anyone else not able to see their partner?

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heidihigh Tue 24-Mar-20 14:09:55

I know this is minimal in the grand scheme of things, and I know other people are having a much, much worse time but anyone else not live with their partner and so are now unable to see them for a minimum of 3 weeks?

It's a horrible situation and of course we will do what is right staying the f at home but god it's rubbish!

Stay safe everyone

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LightDrizzle Tue 24-Mar-20 14:14:50

Me. We are in different countries. I’m hoping to rejoin him on April 7th but who knows.
The specifics are a bit outing.
I’m on my own. I’ll cope though. My adult children are isolating together elsewhere.

SuperlativeScrubs Tue 24-Mar-20 14:15:56

Me, he was meant to be coming here in April but now can't. In May it will have been a year due to various difficulties we have had.

Sirzy Tue 24-Mar-20 14:17:20

Yup. He works away all week and is a key worker but normally we spend weekends together.

It’s shit but hey ho as long as we are both safe

heidihigh Tue 24-Mar-20 14:18:10

@LightDrizzle @SuperlativeScrubs thinking of you both during this bizarre time and hoping you're both able to get to your partners soon. Keep safe thanks

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cheeserem Tue 24-Mar-20 14:18:27

Yep. I've actually been in tears, hate it so much. 😞. But it is what it is. 3 weeks isn't the end of the world in the bigger picture.

heidihigh Tue 24-Mar-20 14:20:01

@Sirzy me and my partner are both classed as key workers so will both be out at work. Good to keep some kind of normality I suppose but still shit isn't it. The sooner we all get behind these measures the sooner we can go back to some kind of normal which is a positive thing smile

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heidihigh Tue 24-Mar-20 14:20:52

You're not the only one! He left last night, I was in bits but 3 weeks is 3 weeks. Obviously it may be longer but we will deal with that when/if it comes smile

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Wingedharpy Tue 24-Mar-20 14:21:50

Not quite the same but, I can see my DH, as I live with him.
But, I can't touch him!
Can't sit in the same room as him - but can yell at each other from the doorway.
Can't eat meals together.
Can't sleep with him.
For 3 months - maybe longer.
Currently "shielding".

heidihigh Tue 24-Mar-20 14:24:00

Ah that's tough. Sending love and best wishes to you and your husband winethanks

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Lifeisdinky Tue 24-Mar-20 14:24:03

Me, both been self isolating. That finished today, me back to work at work (NHS), him medically vulnerable so delivered to my mums house before work today to stay with my mum for duration.Can video call and wave from garden, but that will be it.
Lots of my friends live alone so good community of like minded folk for virtual parties, meals and general chit chat in place.

Pennyandthejets Tue 24-Mar-20 16:08:41

It's difficult isn't it? Have been trying to talk to my partner about what we do if this happens but he didn't believe it would. Gutted to not be with him now but 3 weeks isn't the end of the world.

mindisblank Tue 24-Mar-20 16:15:27

mine thinks we spend enough time together to count as living together. He sleeps here 10/14 nights. The other nights he has his (under 18yr old) kids at his flat. He thinks that because under 18s can be moved between their households, it is ok for him to come back to me after having them at him because 'if' we lived together fully then they would be allowed to stay at mine, but I don't think that's right?

Iamclearlyamug Tue 24-Mar-20 17:07:05

My fiance and I will be separated for as long as it takes until flights go back to normal 😔😔 we've been apart almost a month so far and I've no idea how long it will be until we see each other again. Video chat is fine but its definitely not the same. Struggling already but nothing can be done but stay safe and wait it out

cheeserem Wed 25-Mar-20 22:48:36

I'm struggling with it tonight. Sort of feel like we haven't been together long enough to be ok with a long distance thing. I'm crazy about him though. I know it's necessary and nothing can be done but doesn't make it easy.

SuperlativeScrubs Thu 26-Mar-20 01:23:56

Anyone else? This has added a ton more pressure to our Long Distance Relationship and I am at breaking point.

RUSU92 Thu 26-Mar-20 01:49:19

Yes. I’ve been with DP 7 years. We live about 20 mins apart and spend 3-4 nights a week together usually (he has his DCs 50/50 at his house).

He also works near me so we meet for a lunch on the days we don’t spend together. This has been a real wrench.

We have spent the odd week or two apart when he travels abroad for business. The longest was 3 weeks and it was awful sad This is actually better in some ways, knowing he’s not far away, and we FaceTime and message a lot. But I miss his hugs, and kisses etc

Neither of us is high risk for spreading or suffering with it, both wfh, but we both have DCs so are trying to do the right thing for everyone. It sucks.

Friendsofmine Thu 26-Mar-20 02:10:48

The advice was stay apart now or move in together.

So to the PP whose partner was saying it is OK to go back and forth, it isn't.

Really tough and it comes I waves I feel. Some times it is OK then it feels really crap!

CocoKoko123 Thu 26-Mar-20 02:29:36

Yep - doing 12 weeks if not longer apart as I am frontline nhs and he is in vulnerable group

heidihigh Fri 27-Mar-20 20:04:37

Seems a few of us are in the same boat. Day 4 down (nearly) and I'm feeling really low tonight. Trying to think positively but hitting a bit of a wall tonight. Trying to think it's not THAT long in the grand scheme of things but I think it's the uncertainty of not knowing when we're going to see them again that's the hardest sad

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MyFirstMyLastMyEverythingBagel Fri 27-Mar-20 22:53:34

Same here
It sucks
He was in insolation last week too
4 weeks at least - it seems a long time
I just want a cuddle sad
I know other people are worse off than us but .....
I think it's okay to be sad about it, we all have our own struggles flowers

Badhairday101 Fri 27-Mar-20 23:15:46

Yep same here and it’s rubbish. Just feeling really sad, missing him and keep on crying today. I agree that it’s not knowing how long it will last that makes it harder. Helps knowing there are others in the same boat.

myidentitymycrisis Fri 27-Mar-20 23:24:08

Yes we live in separate countries and last saw each other in February. He was due to visit 2 weeks ago but cancelled last minute as worried about getting stuck here.

They are behind us in their spread and have only just gone into lockdown. No idea really when we’ll see each other again.

It shit and I’m so scared he’ll get sick.

RUSU92 Fri 27-Mar-20 23:31:27

it's not THAT long in the grand scheme of things but I think it's the uncertainty of not knowing when we're going to see them again that's the hardest

Absolutely. When DP goes away on business at least I can countdown to when he gets back (he’s usually a bit vague like “I leave on Tuesday” but actually due to travel time and time zones it’s actually weds before I see him angry grin

The only bonus of this is that he’s spending all the time with his DCs so at least when I do see him, he won’t have to rush off because someone else misses him too!!

heidihigh Sat 28-Mar-20 12:33:56

Sorry to hear you are all struggling too. Trying to think I should be grateful and there are others in a much worse position but like a PP said, we all have our own struggles and are allowed to be sad thanks

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