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Has anyone heard from the family court/carcass re an upcoming hearing?

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farfromthemadamcrowd Tue 24-Mar-20 10:48:02

I have a first directions hearing in the family court in in 2 weeks, I have read the guidance from both carcass and the family court- so I am assuming that the hearing will go ahead remotely.

Has anyone is a similar position received confirmation of this?

I've heard nothing from carcass since applications the went in...and I am concerned that Ex will state he cannot manage remote services...

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farfromthemadamcrowd Tue 24-Mar-20 14:13:15


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Member740334 Tue 24-Mar-20 14:42:50

I work in hmcts but not at family court. I know that in my area we have been postponing cases or converting to telephone starting with the most urgent ie those listed in the next few days thrn moving on to next weeks. I am now self isolating so do not know most up to date guidance from the department, its been changing daily. Court Staff of course are of course going sick, self isolating as a precaution or in vulnerable groups. I would email your local family court, quote your case reference. An auto response from the email might give you more information and be quicker than trying to call by telephone.

Halostar Wed 13-May-20 10:05:08

Hi, I was due in court last month , a section 7 report has not been done due to coronavirus!
The Caffcass worker request d for it to be adjourned! Prior to hearing!
Hearing went ahead without me due to bank holiday and me not receiving the letter saying it was going ahead by fone( hearing was at 10am , I recieved the letter at 11,20the same day)
Next hearing is by fone in June!! Still no section 7 report been done , caffcass worker does not answer calls or emails!!

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