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Arrhythmia and corona virus?

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sweetnsuga123 Mon 23-Mar-20 16:22:57

I'm 22 I have inappropriate sinus tachycardia and I'm on no medication because it's benign. I know people with heart conditions like heart disease are more vulnerable to the corona virus. Is this true with people with arrhythmias too?

GottaLoveAnOtter Mon 23-Mar-20 18:26:21

Wondering the same as mine is also an electrical problem rather than circulatory. Sino Atrial Disease. Not currently on medication but have a loop recorder inserted to assess need for a pacemaker.

DingoDing Mon 23-Mar-20 18:54:11

Me too, on the list for an ablation for SVT, no idea if that means an increased risk of complications from CV or not. DH has asthma so I am the one going out for food etc at the moment..

sweetnsuga123 Mon 23-Mar-20 19:59:14

My heartrate always increases a lot when I have the flu aswell so I have a feeling it would affect arrhythmias.

Gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Tue 24-Mar-20 10:43:38

I have SVT and coronary artery spasm/?microvascular angina. I am 50. I take 2 heart medications, one for each problem. I am very scared of getting this virus.

flissity Tue 24-Mar-20 10:56:28

I have had treatment for SVT in the past (the ablation, done when I was in my early 20's) but currently pregnant (age 36) and seem to get moments of Tachycardia now and again.

So I also feel a bit vulnerable, I hadn't even thought of the SVT as being an issue until now. Pregnancy brain!!

Spied Tue 24-Mar-20 11:06:24

I take heart-selective beta- blockers and have done every day since an atrial flutter episode 2 years ago.
I'm no longer under the care of a cardiologist and have luckily had no further episodes since taking the pills.
I'm pretty sure people who have not had arrythmia problems before have presented at hospital with arrythmia and been found to have coronavirus.
Makes me feel vulnerable.
I can't find the study but it was something like 16% of the study group in China developed an arrythmia.
Am sure you will come across it as I did.

Giggorata Tue 24-Mar-20 12:49:28

I've got SVT and get arrhythmia every time I have a feverish cold or flu, and when I had shingles... rather worried. ☹️
Don't think we're on the Shielding list, either.
I'm on medication and we have discussed ablation as a future treatment... certainly won’t be an option now.
Hope the meds supply is kept up...

Gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Tue 24-Mar-20 12:56:20

I am isolating as best I can. I haven't been out for 2 weeks, although DD and DH live here and go to work. I worry about if they will carry the virus home with them.

AnxiousOverCovid Tue 24-Mar-20 13:06:32

There's a paragraph on British Heart Foundation that talks heart conditions and coronavirus.

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