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Specsavers - what the hell?

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fretaway Sun 22-Mar-20 23:54:07

Specsavers in Stevenage are opening up more appointments for parents to bring in kids while schools are closed:

Is there a worse idea? Enticing parents to bring their kids out into the public with the bribe of a free eye test and sit in an enclosed room with another person with no social distancing. FFS.

Another example of a corporate showing complete disregard for the public’s safety. Bring on the lockdown.

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Cacacoisfarraige Mon 23-Mar-20 00:01:41

I’m in Ireland, my local Specsavers is closed, but with phone number provided in case of emergency cases.

stuckinthehouse4now Mon 23-Mar-20 18:25:40

Head office advise to directors is to overbook all clinics

Roselilly36 Mon 23-Mar-20 18:29:07

Bribe of a free eye test? Under 16’s or 17,18,19 in full time education qualify under the NHS for a free sight test.

dolorsit Mon 23-Mar-20 18:31:24

Hmm I wonder if they are trying to take advantage of the fact that Boots is closing their opticians.

Radyward Mon 23-Mar-20 18:33:48

Absolutly disgusting
The one in Belfast boasted last weekend of a new shield between the magnifying lamp and customer. Below 15 min tests . rooms packed out with 5 optometrists going. Last customer being an 88 yr old. This type of stuff needs outing. I am in Ireland work in optics and closed last week. I work in an Indeoendent. I just thought anything for a pound. The Hosp might be full in Belfast next week FGS ( I hope not !)

Judashascomeintosomemoney Mon 23-Mar-20 18:36:54

Remember that self isolation is still a customer’s choice so now is the to maximise absolutely every single opportunity available
Wow. Just, Wow.

PureAlchemy Mon 23-Mar-20 18:40:16


Routine eye tests can wait. If they must open at all then it should be for emergencies only.

Bakingberry Mon 23-Mar-20 18:41:31

This is disgusting. Another company that won't be getting my business after this is over. I've been astounded by how unethical some companies have behaved lately.

JKScot4 Mon 23-Mar-20 18:41:39

I stopped using them a few years ago because of their overbooking, ending up waiting nearly two hours for an eye test, always heaving with kids.
We need to remember these companies at the other side of this.

RedRed9 Mon 23-Mar-20 18:43:25

Remember that self isolation is still a customer’s choice so now is the to maximise absolutely every single opportunity available
That is absolutely disgusting. I will never use them now.

TheWaspsAreEverywhere Mon 23-Mar-20 19:07:44

Specsavers in Scotland are pretty much closed, as far as I know. Only seeing emergency cases by appointment. My ex works for them, and has dropped down to working two days per week. Government (Scottish) ordered closure.

AwdBovril Mon 23-Mar-20 19:15:47

Right. Have any of the other big opticians behaved well over this matter? Because I'm defecting from Specsavers. I was due to get some new glasses any time now, actually. If it's got to be a small independent, fine.

GCAcademic Mon 23-Mar-20 19:15:57

Urgh. Looks like I'll be cancelling my contact lens subscription when this is all over.

BestStressed Mon 23-Mar-20 19:17:14

Specsavers rang me to move my daughters forward and I cancelled. I may be a key worker but my kids aren’t leaving the house!

picklemewalnuts Mon 23-Mar-20 19:29:10

Before you rush to cancel, they are franchises. Your local one may not be following those directives.

AwdBovril Mon 23-Mar-20 19:37:23

My local branch is definitely following it. We walked past yesterday on the way back from buying vegetables. Open, on a Sunday afternoon, the branch was deserted. The entire town centre was pretty bloody sparse, TBH - at this time of year & in this weather we'd usually have quite a few tourists. Barely a soul to be seen.

I do feel sorry for the staff though. I know very well (bitter experience) that in many jobs you put up with a lot of crap if you want to remain employed.

Sockwomble Mon 23-Mar-20 19:46:18

I went to pick up my new glasses today and mine was doing emergency appointments only. It was empty apart from me and one other customer also picking up glasses.

GabsAlot Mon 23-Mar-20 19:50:00

my dh got a routine reminder text i appreciate it was probably an automated thing-i said well it can wait cant it

TheGreatWave Mon 23-Mar-20 19:50:49

Surely an opticians is one of the worst places, all those intrusive thoughts of 'what if I kiss them?'

helgahelga Mon 23-Mar-20 19:51:45

That is quite bad actually!

Elouera Mon 23-Mar-20 19:53:14

I would never use this company again. They replaced my lenses (taking 4 weeks!!!) with the exact same strength of lens- despite the fact my prescription had changed.

They refused to believe that things were still blurry! They tried to offer me a free eye check 12mths later as 'compensation' for the additional 4 weeks to get the correct lens fitted!!!

NauseousNancy Mon 23-Mar-20 19:54:59

I was in Specsavers over the weekend and had the most amazing service ever. The Scotland branches are closed now, other than for emergencies.

Wannabangbang Mon 23-Mar-20 19:55:32

What a really stupid idea. I for one will not be taking myself or my children anywhere near an optician's at the moment. It's hardly an emergency

FlyingFlamingo Mon 23-Mar-20 19:55:55

My dds routine appointment was cancelled on Saturday (I actually phoned them to cancel and they said they were going to phone me anyway) so this isn’t UK wide

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