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Coronavirus and lung/back pain

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TR888 Sat 21-Mar-20 14:50:39

I've had coronavirus for a few days and so far it's been quite mild. My symptoms have been lessening since Wednesday and yesterday I hardly had any, so I thought I had got to the end of it. But now I'm having this pain in my back - my lungs, I imagine. It's mostly tolerable but it can feel quite painful at times. I also have increased heartbeat and a worried feeling that I'm definitely not out of it yet.

Any advice?

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treedragon Sat 21-Mar-20 14:52:51

Can I ask how you know it is COVID-19 as they are not routinely testing

TR888 Sat 21-Mar-20 14:55:24

My GP confirmed it was in a phone appointment based on my symptoms. But I guess there's no complete certainty about it.

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Moonflower12 Sat 21-Mar-20 15:04:50

It may be pleurisy. I get back pain always when I have it.

SquishySquirmy Sat 21-Mar-20 15:14:34

I've had pleurisy caused by pneumonia before - basically when the lung is inflamed, the "pleural lining" rubs against the lining on the inside of your ribcage, and there are a lot of nerves there so it's painful.
The pain can be felt in odd places - like your back or shoulder.

I found that lying flat (especially on my back) made it worse, so tried to sleep propped upright on pillows. Fresh air and minimising the amount of time you spend lying down in bed (if possible) would be what I'd do. (I'm not a medic though).

Daisiest Sat 21-Mar-20 15:26:28

It's impossible to diagnose over the phone, I know loads of people who think we've had it, I hope we are all right and we are building a bit of immunity.

I hope you feel better soon

TR888 Sat 21-Mar-20 15:34:57

Yes, I know it's not possible to diagnose with accuracy and I was explained that. In any case, my post was due to concern that, if it's coronavirus as it's likely, this sounds like a relapse. Or even worse, that what I've had over the last few days is only the beginning of something much more serious. I hope I'm wrong...

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Karooni Thu 23-Apr-20 22:12:12

Did your symptoms resolve as I have something very similar . I had symptoms twice in 5 weeks, second time a terrible cough and it’s resulted in being diagnosed with Pleurisy but via a phone call. I’ve read about it now being discovered that people that got the disease got blood clots on the lungs which is worrying . I have an increased heart rate intermittently and pain both sides in my back like a throb and heavy ness , half way up back and goes into shoulder at times too and under my breasts at times . Hope you are better now 😊.

whatsleep Thu 23-Apr-20 22:35:39

Iv been feeling exactly the same. Started 4 days ago with a tight wheezy chest, then aches in my back and a weird burning sensation on and off in one lung. Stomach and shoulders. Today the ache in my chest feels different, almost a bit deeper. Coughing on and off, but a bit of a pathetic cough. Feeling a little worse each day so far but nothing major. Heart feels like it’s racing at times, almost like a panicked feeling although I’m not actually panicking if that makes sense.

Notcool1984 Thu 23-Apr-20 23:52:37

Hi! I was ill with probable coronavirus (in direct contact with tested key worker) and was ill for two weeks with all the classic symptoms (cough, fever etc) in second week I got lung / back pain and was also worried but mine faded away within seven days. The main pain was gnawing and made me feel quite nauseous. I posted on here about it. I was assessed at a COVID centre and they said to assume it was that and keep self isolating etc.

Karooni Fri 24-Apr-20 13:45:08

Today the throbbing is further up my back and the skin has been quite tender which is a sign of Pleurisy. When I got unwell the second time I had a terrible cough but just a mild one now occasionally. I also have this panicky feeling but I’m not stressed . I’ve googled it of course lol and the anxiety is listed as a symptom of blood clots and I’ve read that this Covid has caused them in very unwell patients . I’m going to see how I go today and if I get another episode of my heart racing I may go to A & E tomorrow. Getting a diagnosis over the phone doesn’t sit too well with me. I work in a GP surgery and all appointments are phone calls now but I just want an examination to be honest if this doesn’t improve drastically x

RickyBooth Fri 24-Apr-20 14:49:36

@Karooni Iv now had it for over 20 days now and yes the lung and back pain can get quite sore along with being breathless. As for the Anxiety its common with this most people find the have some sort of attack maybe its all the media negative news ect sets the panic in. I phoned GP but got stay at home and take ibuprofen phone back if it gets worse but seems now I have good days and bad.

TR888 Sat 25-Apr-20 10:56:09

Sorry, I've just seen this. My symptoms did resolve a few days after I posted, thankfully. I remember the panicked feeling, which caught me by surprised as I'm not a panicky kind of person.

Do go to A&E if you get worse. I'm not sure what part of the country you're in, but I hear from a NHS friend that many hospitals outside of London have quite a lot of capacity. Many seem to have overprepared (as advised by the government) so please don't hold off.

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Gewan Wed 20-May-20 19:30:33

Thanks for this thread, what y'all have written is exactly what I'm experiencing, and ( like @SquishySquirmy ) I've had pleurisy ( caused by pneumonia ) a little more than a year ago, and this back pain is very similar, but it's located in the lower part of the back, namely on the left / right (respectively) side of the lumbar region. It's bad when I wake up in the morning

Gewan Wed 20-May-20 19:31:40

..and intermittently through the day! But I'm having good days and bad days, as well!

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