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Any countries that DON'T have CV?

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KenDodd Fri 20-Mar-20 21:01:12

Particularly island nations that have managed to keep it out? I hope so but don't think there are any, not with significant populations anyway.

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xsquared Fri 20-Mar-20 21:04:24

Does Mauritius or The Seychelles have any cases yet? What about Tonga, Tuvalu and places in Oceana?

xsquared Fri 20-Mar-20 21:07:50

Just checked. Mauritius and Seychelles do. Cases in Oceana are low.

KenDodd Fri 20-Mar-20 21:17:35

Yes, even Greenland has cases. If I lived on on island I would hope my government closed all borders as much as they could. Maybe some Caribbean islands don't have it? I really hoped New Zealand might have been able to keep it out and extinguish all seeds, I think they were just too late though.

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PenguinsOnParade Fri 20-Mar-20 21:17:34

This map is interesting to have a look around, I've seen some areas with 1 case but I guess that doesn't mean there aren't more that just haven't been noticed. It depends how much testing is being done in each country too as well I think?

KenDodd Fri 20-Mar-20 21:19:24

I wonder if that big Norwegian island (Sw something) between Europe and the north pole has any cases?

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KenDodd Fri 20-Mar-20 21:21:26

Madagascar doesn't look like it has any cases on that map?

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Bearbehind Fri 20-Mar-20 21:21:35

According to Worldometers it is in 185 countries and I think there are 195 countries so not many left

IceniSky Fri 20-Mar-20 21:24:49

What about those islands where contact with the inhabitants is forbidden; they killed a relgious trespassers within last year or 2.

KenDodd Fri 20-Mar-20 21:28:56

What islands are those?

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KenDodd Fri 20-Mar-20 21:29:54

Is it the Ademan islands (is that what they're called?) Near India?

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EggysMom Fri 20-Mar-20 21:32:25

Not a 'country' but you could try Sark in the Channel Islands ...

Cornettoninja Fri 20-Mar-20 21:32:31

My map (John Hopkins uni) shows Madagascar at 3 cases.

Idroppedthescrewinthetuna Fri 20-Mar-20 21:32:53

Nepal had one case and has now recovered. No new cases in a few weeks

MintySpud Fri 20-Mar-20 21:33:05

I really hoped New Zealand might have been able to keep it out and extinguish all seeds

With NZers being as fond of travel as they are, and NZ being such a popular tourist destination, this was never going to happen. Rules are also bent for the rich on the reg. You have had wealthy Asian families flying in privately to Waiheke Island over the last month or two, and they come and go they please.

MaidenMotherCrone Fri 20-Mar-20 21:34:16


Haggisfish Fri 20-Mar-20 21:36:07

The Isle of Lewis in Scotland currently has no cases. And no food!

KenDodd Fri 20-Mar-20 21:36:34

Yes, that was the Norwegian island I was thinking of.

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KenDodd Fri 20-Mar-20 21:38:34

Ah! What about the Falklands?

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CurbsideProphet Fri 20-Mar-20 21:39:45

I'm pretty sure Madeira (a Portuguese island) has avoided CV so far. They stopped cruise ships from docking and shut the airport.

BeetrootBasil Fri 20-Mar-20 21:40:15

There must some tiny islands that do not have it.

PerditaMacleod Fri 20-Mar-20 21:41:44

None in Angola.

KenDodd Fri 20-Mar-20 21:42:37

Tasmania doesn't look like it has any but I expect it must have enormous traffic from Australia so can't see that lasting long.

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Bearbehind Fri 20-Mar-20 21:43:12

Madeira and the Isle of Lewis aren’t countries

And I’m pretty sure there are cases in Madeira

Bearbehind Fri 20-Mar-20 21:44:04

Angola had their first case today

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