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Anyone else can’t sleep?

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Lardlizard Wed 18-Mar-20 04:43:52


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SquashedFlyBiscuit Wed 18-Mar-20 04:48:11


Lardlizard Wed 18-Mar-20 04:50:13

Why can’t you sleep either ? You feel unwell or anxiety ?

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Earlgreyandcake Wed 18-Mar-20 04:51:11


Thepigeonsarecoming Wed 18-Mar-20 04:52:17

What do you need @Lardlizard

Lardlizard Wed 18-Mar-20 04:56:22

I don’t think I need anything pigeon ❤️ I just can’t sleep and laying here awake don’t want to get up and disturb anyone and make them lose sleep

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Lardlizard Wed 18-Mar-20 04:56:59

I usually walk and excercise a lot and like to physically exhaust myself

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Lardlizard Wed 18-Mar-20 04:57:37

But on isolation and had a bad dream and can’t get back to slepp

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Thepigeonsarecoming Wed 18-Mar-20 04:58:33

What are you feeling @Lardlizard

Rosie2000 Wed 18-Mar-20 05:01:06

I’m awake- worried about going to work (teacher) and if yesterday was bad then what today will be like with more staff off. Need to get to the shops- no time before school and everything gone afterwards.
I’m not worried about catching the virus, just the uncertainty. Also worrying about my year 11 classes, my A level students, my own kids are way down the list at present- off to make tea wink

Lardlizard Wed 18-Mar-20 05:01:41

Just worrying about allsorts, just thinking about the homeless people as there are so many

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langkaw Wed 18-Mar-20 05:02:07

Me. Half due to anxiety and half due to having fractured my knee two weeks ago. The pain is so bad at night. I end up reading the coronovirus posts and getting myself worked up into a state.

My life was so normal 3 weeks ago!! It just feels so surreal: both the broken leg and covid 19. I have at least a head start in self isolation as I have been in bed most of the time since my injury.

Thepigeonsarecoming Wed 18-Mar-20 05:03:20

Everything is so worrying at the moment, is there anything you think you can do?

langkaw Wed 18-Mar-20 05:04:43

Aaah Rosie. Just seen your post (don't know how to quote on here) I really feel for you. I'm a teacher too but have been off due to injury and have survivors guilt. I'm also so worried about year 11. This is so terrible for them and I have no idea what the answer is. Sending you love.

twinnywinny14 Wed 18-Mar-20 05:05:07

Me! I’ve been awake since half 2. I’ve been at home since Thursday and back to work today! I’ve read and watched far too re CV these past few days that I’ve stressed myself over it.

Lardlizard Wed 18-Mar-20 05:06:09

I don’t know, try and stop worrying about things out of my control I guess ?
Maybe I should just get up
But I don’t want To wake others

Lang I agree 3/4 weeks ago it all felt so different agree it feels surreal

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whatever45 Wed 18-Mar-20 05:09:39

Me too. Woke up about an hour ago and can't stop turning things over in my mind. Got 40 staff to care for at work. Last night basically said goodbye to the one person who holds me together as they are self isolating for 12 weeks.

HeronLanyon Wed 18-Mar-20 05:10:16

I’ve slept extremely well having fallen asleep on the sofa at a ridiculously early hour last night (! Not good) watching multiple episodes of something trashy.
Not good - the awful feeling on waking as i remember what’s going on isn’t helpful.
Need to get a grip today - wfh needs to kick in, no cold beer at 2pm (it was good !) and proper sleep routine.
Get a grip Heron.

langkaw Wed 18-Mar-20 05:10:31

Everything is beyond our control and that, coupled with uncertainty and no end point, is an absolute head fuck! I'm used to being busy/active and I love structure. This is a huge challenge mentally.

As I process this, my list of things to worry about gets longer. Syria/Yemen: what's going to happen there now no one is watching? Kids on the child protection register. Kids doing county lines: so much more at risk now, women in the middle of fertility treatment. So many people will be devastated by this.

Thepigeonsarecoming Wed 18-Mar-20 05:11:08

@Lardlizard I hope you can see from these posts that everyone right now feels the same. Everyone is unsure of what will happen. But it has also brought a community spirit and we will get though this together x

whatever45 Wed 18-Mar-20 05:11:51

I agree, it's that horrible feeling you get as you remember it's all real .

GratitudeGoddess Wed 18-Mar-20 05:12:17

Rosie2000 I hear you. I'm in bed thinking about my schools. I have to get a 50 min train to work with some SEN children today and I am thinking if I don't go in they won't have my support. If I do go in I'll be travelling by train and I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do either.

whatever45 Wed 18-Mar-20 05:13:08

Very true Pigeon .

langkaw Wed 18-Mar-20 05:15:09

@gratitude I think the numbers of kids in will be very low today and also a lot of schools aren't accepting external visitors. It would be totally understandable if you didn't go today.

GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal Wed 18-Mar-20 05:16:13

I'm awake, and terrified. The world is such a scary place suddenly, I keep hoping it's a nightmare I'll wake up from.

So grateful to all the teachers still supporting children, and to all the people keeping essential services running. But very scared of what will happen once they're no longer able to do so.

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