Buy a laptop for home schooling, recommendations please.

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KenDodd Sun 15-Mar-20 13:08:55

I have three secondary school children, we have one desktop. Schools will start trying to teach remotely soon.
I was thinking of getting them a laptop each.
Any recommendations as I don't know anything about them?

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EverythingChanges321 Sun 15-Mar-20 13:10:34

I have a Lenovo brand running Windows 10 as that was recommended and it seems quite robust. Personally, I hate Windows software but the schools all use it.

KenDodd Sun 15-Mar-20 13:20:38

What is it likely I'll need it to do? And do they all have those features?

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Sgtmajormummy Sun 15-Mar-20 13:28:02

Good idea.
You’ll need an integrated webcam.
DS is at Italian university. He has a home computer with all sorts but no webcam. He’s borrowing DD’s much less advanced one for three days so he can do an exam!

Lesson learnt, eh DS?

Oh, and a few reams of paper are a good idea, too. I have A HP Instant ink printer which orders ink to be delivered when you install the previous one. 100 ppmonth is €4.99.

KenDodd Sun 15-Mar-20 16:45:48

Any suggestions for a particular one? Not too expensive please, I need to buy three!

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StoorieHoose Sun 15-Mar-20 16:47:21

Depending on your budget but try and go for an SSD drive, no less then 4gb memory and an i5 processor

GinnyStrupac Sun 15-Mar-20 16:58:40

Please don't get yourself in to debt to do this OP. Work packs can also be sent home. Maybe just prioritise DC with GCSEs or A Levels this year - although even they might be postponed. Schools understand that not all will have their own laptop, especially in families with several DCs.


KenDodd Sun 15-Mar-20 17:28:49

I won't get into debt. We were due to go on holiday over Easter (now cancelled) I have the money from that.

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Sgtmajormummy Sun 15-Mar-20 19:26:02

Tablets can be used if they already have one. I would get them to book each device according to lesson type. If it’s a pre-recorded lesson a tablet is fine, just like for YouTube.

alittlecloudfloatinginthesky Sun 15-Mar-20 19:43:32

Something like this? Potentially available cheaper somewhere else, I haven't checked.

I have a slightly higher spec version of this and it'll do all that you need from it no problem. Homework/video streaming etc.
Battery life isn't spectacular, but it does come in two different colours which might help with the inevitable 'he/she stole my laptop' arguments!

Claudiawinklemansfringe Mon 16-Mar-20 11:33:19

I have that Acer laptop that @alittlecloudfloatinginthesky has suggested and would recommend it. (I don't work for Acer!). Webcam is good, fairly speedy...yes battery life isn't great but if it's plugged in it's ok. I WFH and use it a lot!

My kids have Amazon Tablets and they are pretty good too. But like other people have said, check what school is planning as you may be able to get printed worksheets etc.

eldeeno Mon 16-Mar-20 11:42:29

"You’ll need an integrated webcam."

I would worry about that, we've been told to prepare home learning for our students. I wanted to do a weekly Q&A meeting with my A level students where we could discuss issues they don't understand (just audio not visual) but have been told absolutely not due to safeguarding. Web chats is the most I'm allowed.

We're doing google classrooms.

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